Path To Article Publication on SixPrizes? / Collinsville Regionals


I have a pal who is a well-spoken player who’s got the skill to connect an audience to a story with a clear purpose, while still providing educational value.

He quickly advanced from casual to competitive after Q1 and has Day 2’d 3 out of 4 regionals in less than 10 months. This is his first year pushing for Worlds.

The skill he exemplified last weekend is that he closely observed and analyzed a competitive deck from Oceania, and with only a few days’ preparation, determined what changes would make the deck successful the following weekend, and got 13th/1056.

I spoke with him extensively during the event, and he could expound on his story quite a bit. (short version here)

Could a story about the creation and implementation of a 13th place PikaZek deck potentially be published on your site? Is there a section on this forum to post an article as a thread, in hopes of getting it published to the website?


Hey @cvramen, can you email me the post from Facebook? I cannot access it (I do not have a FB account). Email:

If I think the writing is okay, then I’ll enable an account for your pal to submit to the front page.


Email sent. My buddy PM’d me, his username is @evan766748


Got your email, thanks @cvramen. I will respond later today.


Hey, I’m Evan. I sent you an email a couple days ago, I do not know if you saw it. I figured checking up here would be fine with you. I was having trouble pm’ing you through here so I emailed you instead.