Pangoro XY50 Variants // BCR-on

Deck Name: Banneded V2.0
Name Origin: Muscle Banded + When something is moved to Ubers, it is Banned from OU!

Pokemon 16:
4x Lucario-EX
4x Pancham FFI 60
4x Pangoro PROMO
2x Machop FFI 42
2x Machamp FFI 44

Energy 12:
2x Double Colorless Energy
4x Strong Energy
6x Fighting Energy

Trainers 32:
4x Korrina
4x Lyandre
4x Ultra Ball
2x Fighting Stadium
4x Muscle Band
3x Switch
2x Focus Sash
2x VS Seeker
1x Hard Charm
1x Evosoda
2x Sky Field
3x Rare Candy

This is a Brandnew Never-seen-before decklist, I made! I hope people can use this!

Pangoro can have up to 280 attack, it can also have up to 260 HP, but not at the same time, It can have up to 260ATK/260HP at a time

Signed Ethan Bartiromo, (AKA) asdfghjklohhnhn

Want to make Pangoro an even bigger wall?

Try Sky Field.

Awwww yeeeeeaaaaahhh!

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So, would that be +160 HP with 8 bench, right?


(okay, posting pictures of a card that beats another card is starting to get pretty snotty.)

Yes, it would give you 160 more HP. That’s a total of 260, which is 10 more than Wailord-EX!


One prize! 260 HP! Focus Sash! LOL!

How does those cards beat it besides getting rid of its ability momentarily? You still can’t really KO it on the bench still without a ton of Crobat. Also, a better counter would be Wobbufett PHF.


Still fun though even if it didn’t work!

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They just hit you for 100 then send you to the bench then ko you.

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Still be another turn to send you to the bench.

You know, I think we’re looking at this deck the wrong way! Ultimate stall! Deck Out! Stall long enough to have your opponent deck out by having a 260 HP non-EX pokemon as your active. It takes them a while to KO it and then you can run life dew for no prizes instead of one anyways! Takes super long for them to win, and then you will win by having them deck out! Unless your opponent has Wobbufett.

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hard charmmmmmmmmmmm.


BTW, feel free to edit the deck, and use it in tournaments! Please just give me credit for the outline of the deck! “Ethan Bartiromo”, not “asdfghjklohhnhn”! Oh, and also, I made V2.0 based on your suggestions! I released the list!

We have Professor’s Letter in XY-on. Is there a reason you chose Energy Search over it? or did you mean to make that an Energy Switch?

Also, kind of nit-picky, but just so you know the Pokemon Official abbreviation for the set: Furious Fists is FFI not FUF.


Not sure if @asdfghjklohhnhn or someone else changed the title, but XY-on isn’t a format. This thread will have to be moved or deleted if XY-on is insisted upon.

Focus Sash is horrible on him because 260 is his max now and not 100 so He would still need to be at full health, NOTHING can hit 260 damage unless Mega-EX

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Still pretty annoying. They have no chance of one-shotting it if they do manage to rack up that much damage.

I’m really only using that for the machop and Pancham! Unless I’m facing a Mega-Ray Colorless Deck it can do up to exactly 260 with muscle band if 8 pokes on bench

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Colourless mega Ray play muscle band…

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Stall list:
4 Pancham
4 Pangoro
4 Hawlucha
3 Groudon ex
2 Primal Groudon ex

4 Ultra Ball
4 Trick Shovel
4 Trainers’ Mail
4 VS Seeker
4 Acro Bike
4 Hard Chirm
1 Life Dew
1 Escape Rope

4 Skyfield

4 N
4 Korrina
2 Professor Birch’s Observation’s
3 Lysandre

No, I did not make any mistakes concerning energy. This deck is supposed to make your opponent deck out before they can win by having the ultimate wall.

I’ve never either but you never know I created this set!

4-4 Pangoro XYP50 line
4 Wailord-EX
4 Groudon-EX
3 Primal Groudon-EX
2 Furfrou XY114

4 Ultra Ball
4 Trick Shovel
4 Hard Charm
4 Robo Substitute
3 VS Seeker
3 Trainers’ Mail
2 Acro Bike
2 Switch

4 Sky Field

4 Lysandre
3 Korrina
2 Professor Birch’s Observation

You can use your deck but this is my XY-on Deck for Stalling at least!