Palossand, the healing menace


3 things palossand, phantom force Diancie ex, and assault vest. With that we have a pokemon that can take 80 less damage from attacks. 40 if opponent does not use special energy. Absorb vitality heals you as well. While stacking damage on the opponent you are are healing and refusing to be damaged too much. This is a card I could see used in a few decks. While most my strategies I discuss will stay really low key all can be Amazing using Tue right support.


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Just bought a playset the other day because i like the ability.

I wanted to make a deck that keeps him alive while healing so I would use heavy boots for 20 more hp.

Strong energy allows him to heal more damage from his attack. And with assault vest attached, he can turn two hit kos into three hits. I love palossand and the moment i went through the whole set i decided to buy my copies once i saw it.

The carbink that blocks exs along with carbink break is a good partner. Parallel city can also reduce damage from certain matchups.

To me it would be kind of a low tier deck which is right up my alley.


You could also add in one one the Diancie which make your opponent’s attacks do 20 less damage. And definitely this deck is fun to play. Just the expression on your opponent that your not using lurantis or tauros or some other popular deck


Gumshoos GX/Palossand is a great joke deck, based on the fact that Gumshoos looks like Donald Trump and Palossand’s ability is called Wall of Sands…


Put fighting fury belt in, in case the opponent doesn’t use special energy? Gives you a bigger buffer and heals up more.

Also, maybe floral crown is interesting to auto heal 20? Stacking up the healing would be fun.

I love decks like this one. I also really love that it sets the stage for using the EX blocking Carbink…I have been wanting to use that one!

Regirock EX might be a nice addition to this one.


Having faced it, I think that diancie-EX with assualt vest can work as a bulk deck. But this palossand nonsense has to stop guys. :cold_sweat:


Lol awesome idea trump for pres


Why swan what is wrong with thinking up strategies


jk I would gladly drown in palossands if I had half a chance :wink:


i was worried about palossand for little when i first saw it. luckily at the prerelease and my league nobody runs that card.


So yes Pakistan’s could be pretty good


I haven’t seen the discussion: making it unkilable. Put a choice band (when it’s out) strong energies, etc. and fully heal itself every turn.


Focus sash could be good as well since we are talking expanded


The ability is a focus sash.


Not really.
Focus sash

Just take a look


My bad… Didn’t remember well xD. You definitely want focus sash…


Ya that’s why I said it carbink could see some play in a deck like this or regirick :

Idea of carbink and rgirock from @mcmeeple



[quote=“mcmeeple, post:6, topic:10226, full:true”]
Put fighting fury belt in, in case the opponent doesn’t use special energy? Gives you a bigger buffer and heals up more.[/quote]
If you mean to put a FFB on Palossand, I’m afraid it won’t help you any. FFB only works for basic pokemon, and Palossand is a Stage 1 evolution.


It’s that those strategies are straight up bad.