"Over the Top" - Thoughts on Parenting Juniors and A Gauntlet of Tournaments

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Great Article Brent. We will see you in Utah in two weeks, hopefully I can get Aiden out of his shell to test with others besides his Teammates all the time.

Yea… good luck with that.

have fun in utah. Maybe see you there. If you have time stop at the great salt lake or go down to St. George.

Brent, Great read…I’m a Pokedad (crazy never thought of I’d say that out loud) too and my two boys are having fun. I painfully related to all the missed cuts and bubbles. It’s our first real year of competitive play and we’re learning tons and having fun at the same time. The goal it to make it to worlds…I mean just qualify…but with the tough field and all the travel stipends being awarded to the top players it makes it really tough on the new kids on the block. But when I look at how much character my boys are gaining from the experience it makes me focus more on the journey than the end destination. Thanks again for the great article…look forward to bumping into you in tournament and shaking your hand someday. Robert Rosas


Great article, Brent! Thanks.

Fairy/Tina doesn’t have many counter decks, why doesn’t it have more success in Masters? It seems like its biggest enemy is clunkiness, but has answers for most of the meta.

I run gardevoir dragons with xerneas break.

It doesn’t have many/any Day 2’s I can think of, and you don’t see decklists, articles, videos, etc. of it being played. it just doesn’t seem to be on the radar of master’s meta.

In senoirs it has done well and juniors but masters not much play