OshaWaterBottle's 2016/2017 Season 459/500


Masters is easy?

Play Points: 33 (I go to League)
ELO: 1876.75
CP: 459 (40 worlds points)
Season Record: 72-26 (not accounting for ID’s)
League Cups: 55/55 (Night March and MMewtwo) 25/0 (Darkrai) 55/45(Waterbox and Espeon)
League Challenges: 15/15 (Yanmega and Night March)
Regionals: 44/0 (MMewtwo)
Nationals 110 (Primal Groudon)


I am interested in your list for the Yanmega/ Yveltal deck. Sounds like a good deck to try out


Updated with some stuff finally. Double Cup win in a weekend!


Updated with Anaheim. Happy with T64. Made some $$$ as well.


Haven’t updated this much recently, but I am going to Indy to try to make T8 or T16 if I can win my League Cup Sunday.


rest in peace. gl with the t8 nats.


See ya in top 8. GL man!


So close. Guess I’ll be playing in the Anaheim open.


See ya there. Congrats on the top 64