Original 150 Electric Deck


I apologize in advance if this is in a wrong area or anything. Relatively new to posting in forums as a whole (should also probably mention that I’m relatively new to pokemon as well, still learning the ins and outs). My LGS has a pokemon night where kids (and others) get to come and battle gym leaders wherein if they win they get a pack of cards and a badge. As I enjoy all card games and I enjoy hanging out with kids, I chose to try and be the Electric type Gym Leader. I have to use electric pokemon, normal types may be allowed. So I got with one of the shop owners who helped me throw together a quick deck. I’ve since customized it to my own tastes and have been continuing to improve it, however I’m not quite sure what direction to take the deck. It’s primary focus as of right now is to ramp up and attempt to one shot my opponents pokemon however it just doesnt seem to cut it. Firstly the older players have some rules (Primarily for the gym leader thing and nostalgia purposes)

  • original 150 only
  • no EX
  • no GX

Now I have an eevee deck I’m crafting with EX & GX so it’s not excluded from play entirely. I should also note any forms of the original 150 are also allowed such as Alolan Golem (Which I’ve been heavily considering). This puts the “Gym leaders” in a little bit of a predicament as the kids can (and will) use EX and GX cards because they find them fun. I don’t intend to play very meanly or competitively towards the kids but I don’t want to roll over to them either. Ideally I would like to provide them a challenge with which enough practice (and hopefully picking up on game tactics) they can win and earn their prize. Researching cards has not been nearly as easy as MTG, however and thus I am asking for Help. I’d love to stick with Raichu and Magneton (My old favorites) however if that’s not possible I understand and am willing to adapt. So with all of that out of the way here is my current decklist:

(Again forgive me, I’m listing to the best of my ability and if I need to edit it just let me know, Thank you!)

1x Zapdos - Base set 16/102
1x Mewtewo Delta Species - Holod Phantoms 24/110
2x Lt. Surge’s Pikachu - Gym Heroes 81/132
1x Pikachu LV.15 - Mysterious Treasures - 94/123
1x Raichu - Evolutions 36/108
1x Raichu - Mysterious Treasures 15/123
1x Voltorb - EX Hidden Legends 80/101
1x Voltorb - EX Team Rocket Returns 80/109
2x Electrode - Evolutions 40/108
2x Magnemite - Evolutions 37/108
1x Magnemite - EX Legend Maker 59/92
1x Dark Magneton - Team Rocket 28/82
1x Dark Magneton - Team Rocket 11/82
1x Magneton - EX Dragon 17/79


3x Wally’s Training
2x Tierno
1x Misty’s Determination
1x Interviewer’s Questions
1x Steven
1x Shauna
1x Clemont
1x Holon Mentor
1x Pokemon Fan Club
1x Brock’s Grit
1x Cynthia’s Feelings
2x Revive
2x Professor’s Letter
2x Energy Retrieval
2x Gust of Wind
2x Super Potion
2x Bursting Balloon
1x Energy Reset
1x Here Comes Team Rocket!
1x Switch


2x Flash Energy
1x Recycle Energy (Only one at LGS)
11x Electric Energy

Once more I apologize for any errors among all this, simply let me know and I will do my best to correct it. Thanks!