One Expansion TCGOne Tournament : Signups Open!


Hi. I wanted to know if anyone would like to play in a set exclusive tournament on tcgone where you are only allowed to use cards from a specific set. My first two picks would be roaring skies or primal clash however if you would prefer another set please tell me.The first fifteen people to sign up will be playing alongside me in this four round best of three tournament. Also, if you don’t know, I am called PikaPower on tcgone. Finally please tell me when would be best for the tournament to happen as I can do anytime this summer except the weekend of worlds as I am competing.


I would like to enter but probably only if it’s 2 weeks from now as I am travelling. Also idk if Roaring Skies would be a good pick as you’d basically only be seeing M Rayquaza decks.


I love the idea, but I think we need a few modifications to balance this out…

  1. Trainers and Energy cards can still be used from other sets because some sets have little to no draw Supporters at all. For example, Roaring Skies and Flashfire have no draw Supporters.
  2. Let each player choose their own set to work with. Some sets severely lack in some Types of deck strategies, so restricting everyone to something like ‘only XY1’ would lead to lots of repeat decks. For example, Furious Fists has no Metal Types, XY has no Dragon Types, etc.


I think it only should be one set, but trainers and energies can be from other sets. And if we go with just one set, primal clash would be better than roaring skies because it would give more variance.

Edit: I’d like to sign up too please.


Primal Clash would be the best set to only do one of (you could run Blaziken, Whiscash, PGroudon, PKyogre, MAggron, etc.) but I personally prefer Gadget’s idea (although you’d end up w/ Fighting, Fire, Night March, Manectric, MManectric/Aegislash, MManectric/Malamar, PKyogre, PGroudon, and MRay as decks).


With roaring skies you can basically only play crayquaza or drayquaza, so i’d prefer primal clash


At this point, it sounds like the majority of people want Primal Clash. Here, I’ll host a strawpoll to see what you guys prefer…


yeah I agree to that.


I mean using trainers and energy from all sets.


Also maybe trainers from every XY on set are allowed but the only special energy you can use is special energy in the set we’re using exept DCE is legal in the tournament.


hey, this has been bothering me for a while, so i changed the title to a more coherent version.