Old article writer returning, where to pick back up?

So! It’s been a good while since I dropped off the face of Pokemon TCG back with BW (a story too irrelevant for this post), and I can’t find my way around the site anymore to find what I’m looking for. Heck I don’t even know if this is the right place for this, things have moved.

Namely the issue is what looks like it might explain what I want are all locked behind UG, which didn’t use to be the case; either way I’ll be getting UG should I be able to come back, so this is just a matter of doing it immediately vs stepping back into the basics first. Basically I’ve been itching to pick the game back up since my ex (another old mod) and I stopped, and my current girlfriend wants to join me.

Obviously I know the game by this point, but I don’t have a clue yet what’s even around anymore, so as qualified as I am to teach her, I need a place to start! Also just as interested in coming back to write, if open articles are still a thing that’s happening.

Any suggestions on a starting point before I jump into an aimless forum dive after work ends for the summer? (I don’t need detailed explanations in here honestly, no need to explain anything other than the names of things I can plug into the search myself, or if someone was crazy enough to update my old beginner guide this many years later.)

Sorry, your post is a bit confusing, but I think you are talking about what is new? If so, not much!
A new burn rule, dmg first, then the coin flip;

GX cards, basically EXs on stage 1-2;

GX attacks and GX coin, the attack is one per game, the coin marks it;

Mega Pokémon, a stage 1 on EXs that ends your turn after evolving (unless with spirit link attached);

BREAK Pokémon, like level Xs without the “must be in active” rule.

If you wanted to know about the new six prizes, talk to @kazambolt and @KPiplup, the new owners.

A h nice, yeah, that was something that just…completely skipped my mind lol. I’ve seen the break and mega cards going around social media, but it’s all been “wow look at the art” posts

I guess I’m looking for…now that I think about it I’m not sure what exactly, whoops. I hate to say a summary of the meta, that’s too broad, but that is what I need to learn asap. I skimmed around and I’m seeing tournament reports on the forums though, so that actually should have me covered, I don’t remember that existing before. There’s a local league not far from my work, so I’m gonna email to see how serious and knowledgeable they are before I go in

I do know KP though! Sort of. We were both mods here way back, he was closer with my ex; good to know someone’s still around though.

If you are wanting a meta analysis, you will run into two kinds, standard and expanded. There isn’t anything extremely difference, just the new sets. Standard uses: PRC (Primal Clash) to current set; expanded uses BLW (Black and white base set) to current set. Just a heads up.