October 2020 Schedule


9/28–10/26: Pokémon Players Cup II: Qualifier Period to T256 or T128/Region

Th 10/1: @Sem_Medo

M 10/5: @nallerton (free)
Tu 10/6: @twhitesell42
W 10/7: @jakekgearhart (free)
Th 10/8: @gabriel1299374

M 10/12: @TrainerTipsB (free)
Tu 10/13: @Xanatu
Th 10/15: @Sem_Medo

Tu 10/20: @Googleplex
Th 10/22: @Crayon (free)

Tu 10/27: @Jonner
Th 10/29: @Sem_Medo

11/7: Pokémon Players Cup II: Bracket Play to T16/Region
11/14: Pokémon Players Cup II: Bracket Play to T4/Region
12/5: Pokémon Players Cup II: Global Finals


  • We’re at two articles per week again for October. If any bigger events pop up or there turns out to be overwhelming interest during the Players Cup II qualifier period, we’ll add more article slots. It’s unfortunately hard to justify more articles until IRL events are back or the online tournament space becomes more mature.

  • @xpero, @Roarchomp, @Alex_Schemanske, and @Tablemon are all departing from SixPrizes at the end of September. Everyone is leaving on good terms, and I will miss working with them. I wish each of them all the best.

  • Correspondingly, we have some new UG writers this month! I’d like to welcome @gabriel1299374, @Xanatu, @Googleplex, and @twhitesell42 to Underground. I’m excited to be collabing with them and it should be a fun month covering Players Cup II.

As usual, if you have any feedback/questions/suggestions, message me here on the forums or email adam@sixprizes.com. Thanks for your support!