October 2017 Article Schedule

[Hartford Regional Championships, BKT-BUS]

Monday 10/2: @KPiplup (Expanded)
Tuesday 10/3: @Kazambolt
Wednesday 10/4: @JimmyPendarvis
Thursday 10/5: @xpero

[Daytona Regional Championship, BLW-BUS]

Monday 10/9: @Tablemon (Standard)
Tuesday 10/10: @tnunski
Wednesday 10/11: @Magnechu
Thursday 10/12: @kwisdumb

[Vancouver Regional Championship, BKT-BUS]

Tuesday 10/17: @KPiplup
Wednesday 10/18: @xpero
Thursday 10/19: @CeladonBrit

Tuesday 10/24: @JimmyPendarvis
Wednesday 10/25: @Tablemon
Thursday 10/26: @tnunski

Tuesday 10/31: TBA

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I hate to be that guy, but I am going to be that guy. You guys are stupid busy, but any chance we get 1 podcast in there?

The plan is to do one before Hartford, then we’ll fit probably fit one in the Hartford/Orlando week as well. After that, we’ll see.