October 2016 Article Schedule + Question for Readers

@KPiplup had a M Audino list in one of his pre Nationals articles :p.


General musings on this thread. I did not write between Nationals and Worlds (save my Nationals report, which I consider still a Nationals thing even though I got into Worlds expectations a bit), so I have no personal “horse in the race” in this discussion.

Say I wrote an article before Worlds full of decks that lost to Night March in the interest of covering a “more complete” metagame.That article would have been full of poor deck choices — they wouldn’t have gotten out of Round 4 on Day 1. Night March was a huge part of the Worlds metagame. It didn’t show up in Top X very often, but tables were littered with it. Notice that none of Top 4 took bad matchups to Night March.

Of the decks that Top 4’d, M Audino has actually been mentioned once and while the iteration that won Worlds was on nobody’s mind…it was on nobody’s mind, so of course you didn’t see it here; Vileplume/Toolbox was on Brit’s radar, Greninja was covered repeatedly, and, well, Ross’ deck…X-Files, everyone. But, Vespiquen itself was covered thoroughly.

This notion that Night March was covered repeatedly before Worlds isn’t really true. There were 14 articles between Nationals and Worlds. Of them, only 3 featured Night March deck lists (we saw the same number of Water Box lists, a deck whose place in the format was much less certain). Of those, only one was a full fledged article on the deck. The other two either discussed the deck in passing or as a part of a broad metagame profile. Were either of those bad uses of Night March?

Much of the Night March non-list discussion was unique to each article. For example, Alex Hill touched on the mirror match where nobody else did. The closest thing to overlap came when writers gave their thoughts on Night March’s effects on other archetypes in the format…but isn’t that important?

From July 13th-Worlds, there were 9 articles that covered XY-STS. They covered the following deck lists with the following frequency:

Vileplume/Toolbox — 4 (7/26) (8/11 x2) (8/13)

Night March — 3 (7/14) (7/20) (7/21)
Vespiquen/Vileplume — 3 (7/14) (7/26) (7/28)
Water Box — 3 (7/21) (7/28) (8/5)

Trevenant BREAK — 2 (7/14) (7/20)

Zoroark/Yveltal — 1 (7/14)
Toad/Hammers — 1 (7/14)
Medicham — 1 (7/14)
Vespiquen/Bats — 1 (7/13)
“Quad Wobbuffet” — 1 (7/13)
Zygarde/Vileplume — 1 (7/20)
M Alakazam — 1 (7/20)
Gallade/Octillery — 1 (7/20)
M Rayquaza — 1 (7/26)
Entei AOR — 1 (7/28)
Greninja — 1 (7/28)
Vespiquen/Yveltal — 1 (7/28)
YZG — 1 (8/11)
Wailord — 1 (8/15)

So, only 5 archetypes appeared more than once, and all 5 were the pillars of the Worlds format. Can someone tell me what their issue with this list is?

This isn’t anything against anyone that posted thus far, but for example:

I simply don’t think the data supports this statement.

Like I said, feedback is great to hear—I just look for what we can tangibly improve in our content, and for that reason, I genuinely would love to hear commentary on what I’ve just written here.

As a writer, I would feel remiss and like I was pulling a fast one if I had written that aforementioned article with “scoop-to-Night March” decks. Is my takeaway here that people want to read that article?


Thanks for providing this data. I imagine my comment about “night march after night march” trickled in from the community as a whole and was, perhaps, poorly reflective of content here.

My intended point was that I’d like to see thoughtful discussion of the metagame as a whole where tournament reports are concerned - and how it should shift/evolve over time - and not to bash on Six Prizes or the writers that put hard work in to keeping us informed. If that point didn’t come across (directed in general at those perusing the thread and not just at you, @KPiplup), then I hope it has now! I think Night March just became the example I used (poorly, perhaps) to illustrate my point.

You’re certainly fine — like you, I simply want to see the best product possible and am trying to have conversation to that effect. I certainly wouldn’t endorse every article we put out, so I understand and appreciate where frustration can come into play.


What I’d be interested in reading is some articles from writers outside of the US. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think London has the first international challenge in December and Europe will also be having standard regionals as well. It would be good to be able to read some articles looking at the meta game over on this side of the pond.


Have had a few people ask me personally: please note that this article won’t be published until tomorrow. As @Adam explained in the other thread, these post-Regional weeks will be WF, rather than TR. I believe we might look at adjusting pre-Regionals weeks as well.

About tomorrow’s article: I’ve been super sick since getting off the plane Sunday, so it’s been a grind. We’re not looking at an early time tomorrow.


Editing has commenced …


Going to be honest Tracey would fit amazing in that photo

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@Adam, just wanted to chime in here and say that I would love to see more articles like this:

When my kiddo and I first got too deep into this game, these articles were our favorite. I would love a series wherein good plays think out loud about the ways they would navigate real, tricky in-game situations. I’d be especially impressed with an article or series aimed at our smart kids (I think I’m right in assuming this is no small constituency here).

Would also love to see this applied to classic games from youtube and elsewhere in the filmed archive. I know there’s a lot to be gained from metagaming and current deck analysis, but I vote for more talk about gameplay and strategy.


Thanks for the input! I think possibly that’s something we could do within matchup discussions — like point out scenarios where there are divergent plays.

I do worry about focusing too much on specific sequences though since they may not be readily applicable in a broader sense. This is kind of thing might be better to watch play out during a recorded or live PTCGO match. It’s pretty intensive to clearly type out a gameplay scenario — easier to do video, I think.


Hey guys! @thevilegarkid’s article will be out sometime this afternoon. It’s mostly proofread and formatted but I still need to do images and tweak some small stuff. Here’s the tentative table of contents so you’ll know what to expect!

Standard Tier List
The BDIF: Rainbow Road
The Meta Call: Mega Scizor
The Tactician: Yanmega BREAK
The Box of Tricks: Raichu
Hot Dog 2.0: Houndoom/Bunnelby

I’m always excited to see what kind of shenanigans @thevilegarkid has concocted, because even if I can’t get them to run right, they’re amusing to toy with and think about. Glad I won’t be disappointed here.


Update on @Rsabelhaus’s article for today:

Look for the article to be done and finished with editing around 3pm today. The topic is about eight revelations made during preliminary testing and my three favorite deck choices for Orlando.

So publishing time will likely be late evening.

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I’m about 75% finished at this point but need to take a food break. This will be out pretty late — great stuff though! :new_moon_with_face:


@BrandonCantu’s article will be out by the evening so you all know. It’s been in editing the past few hours. Here’s the tentative table of contents:

Phoenix Regionals Report

  • Rainbow Road (11th Place)
  • Match Summaries
  • Card Choices
    Expanding Ahead: M Manectric-EX/Garbodor
    The Standard Format and Plays for Orlando
  • Another Way to Rainbow Road
  • Karp Karp
  • Mewtwo Strikes Back

I’m really stoked about our coverage leading up to Orlando!


Hey everyone, my article this week will feature the Vileplume list that Alex Schemanske piloted to 2nd place in Orlando, as well as Top 16 finishes from myself and Sean Foisy. I’ll also have a lot of matchup insight and decklist analysis, as well as thoughts on the deck moving into Fort Wayne. Keep your eyes peeled on Wednesday!


Good job at Orlando!


An interview or thoughts from Alex schemanske would be cool too!


Hey all! Alex’s article is coming along nicely – I’ve been editing all morning. I’m going to do one more full proofread, get lunch, then finish with images/captions/titles. ETA is late afternoon.

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I’m very much looking forward to this.
I’m piloting this deck come Liverpool, UK regionals on November 5th.