November 2019 Calendar

Mon 10/28: @Tablemon
Tue 10/29: @thefleeee
Wed 10/30: @Alex_Schemanske
Thu 10/31: @PeterKica

10/31: Cosmic Eclipse: PTCGO Release @ ~12pm EDT
11/1: Cosmic Eclipse: Street Release
11/2–3: Paris (FR) … UPR–HIF
11/2–3: Richmond (US) … BLW–HIF

Tu 11/5: @Sem_Medo
W 11/6: @Alex_Schemanske
Th 11/7: @Jonner

11/9–10: Portland (US) … BLW–HIF

Sa 11/9: @xpero
Su 11/10: @Tablemon
M 11/11: @Sem_Medo
Tu 11/12: @PeterKica
W 11/13: @Jose

11/15–17: LAIC (BR) … UPR–Cosmic Eclipse

W 11/20: @Tablemon
F 11/22: @Alex_Schemanske

Su 11/24: @Jonner
M 11/25: @xpero
M 11/25: @thefleeee
Tu 11/26: @Tablemon
Tu 11/26: @socery
W 11/27: @PeterKica

11/30–12/1: Daytona (US) … UPR–Cosmic Eclipse


  • We’re planning to publish multiple articles per day (on one upcoming day, at least). Whenever this has happened in the past, it’s been unplanned. I’m excited to see how much content we can put out during those important days leading up to events.

  • I’m still working on improving the site design. It’s going slowly. I’m in a bit of a funk, but hope to have the next patch launched by the end of October. Here’s where I’m at in development with the new archive displays:

    For comparison, what’s live currently:

    I’m basically trying to show more in less space, more clearly. (Which is not easy to do.) It takes a lot of trial and error.

  • I want to mention (since I’ve not publicized this) that 6P jerseys and hoodies are available for purchase through a third party. They are made to order and take ~3 weeks to produce/ship. To order, visit:

    And upload the appropriate image for jersey or hoodie:

Thanks for your support during these somewhat bumpy months with the transition to the new site design and irregular publishing schedules. I hope the influx of articles prior to events has been helpful—this is a push we’ve made to increase the value of your subscription with all of the other PTCG content that’s available out there. As always, if you have and feedback, questions, or suggestions, message me on here, Twitter, or