November 2016 Article Schedule

Tuesday 11/1: @henryrossc (Philadelphia + Ft. Wayne)
Wednesday 11/2: @BrandonCantu (Philadelphia)

11/5-11/6: Philadelphia Regionals … Expanded … BLW-STS w/ Karen

Wednesday 11/9: @kazambolt (Philadelphia recap, projections for San Jose)
Friday 11/11: @CeladonBrit (open choice)

Tuesday 11/15: @bradscurcio (open choice)
Thursday 11/17: @MichaelSlutsky (Fort Wayne)

Tuesday 11/22: @Aarontarbell (Fort Wayne)
Wednesday 11/23: @tnunski (Fort Wayne)

11/26-11/27: Fort Wayne Regionals … Standard … PRC-EVO

Wednesday 11/30: @KPiplup (Fort Wayne recap, projections for London + Dallas)

12/9-12/11: London Internationals … Standard … PRC-EVO
12/17-12/18: San Jose Regionals … Expanded … BLW-EVO
12/31-1/1: Dallas Regionals … Standard … PRC-EVO

We’ve got some new writers this month … please give a warm welcome to @tnunski, @bradscurcio, and @MichaelSlutsky! I’m excited to have these guys as part of the writing staff. This season has been a blast to cover so far. I hope you’re all enjoying it too!

And since I know some of you may be wondering, @rlaparre will be writing for Some1sPC moving forward. It’s been great collaborating with him the past several months, and I encourage you to continue showing him your support.


Hey everyone! Happy November. :turkey:

The first half of @henryrossc’s article is written and pretty thoroughly edited. He’s working on the last half right now and should have it submitted to me within the next few hours. I’ll continue editing at that point and I’m estimating the article will be ready in the early evening.

Topics covered include Henry’s five favorites for Philly this weekend along with some postulations for Fort Wayne.

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Proofreading is done but I need to take a break to eat something. Images are actually mostly ready too. It’s mainly captions + titles + section headings that need to be finalized. ETA is about 2 hours. I’m working as quickly as I can while still paying close attention to detail — I know this info is time sensitive and I want to get it out for everyone who is attending Philly this weekend!

Hey y’all — ETA for @BrandonCantu’s article is ~2 hours from now. I’ve been editing the past couple hours. He goes over 10 decks for Philadelphia.

(Also Evolutions is partly up on PkmnCards. I’ll finish uploading the set once I’m done with this.)

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve been well. @kazambolt’s article has been in editing throughout the morning and I’m probably 75% done working through. ETA is ~3 hours from now.

Also, @bhalliburton sent in another one of his famous Juniors tournament reports and that will hopefully be out late this evening!

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@bhalliburton’s article will be out tomorrow. I can only edit so many words in one day. :sleeping:


Yo peeps — @CeladonBrit’s article is coming along nicely and it should be ready sometime this afternoon. It’s dedicated to his Mega Gardevoir deck he played at Orlando, so if you’re interesting in learning more about the concept, this is the article for you.


Yay! I’ve been testing this a lot.

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Definitely excited to see a list so we have something to test against.


Hey guys! @bradscurcio’s debut article is coming along well. I’m currently estimating it’ll be ready sometime after 6pm ET. It’s on the longer side. Table of contents is as follows:

Tier List
S Tier

  • Darkrai/Giratina
  • Mega Gardevoir
  • Yveltal
  • Volcanion
    A Tier
  • Mega Mewtwo
  • Greninja
  • Rainbow Road
  • Vileplume Toolbox
    B Tier
  • Mega Scizor
  • Mega Rayquaza
  • Vespiquen
  • Gyarados

Woohoo! We’ll take long articles!


I don’t think I’m going to have this ready for another couple of hours at this point, just fyi for y’all. I want to do one more full proofread and then I need to do image captions + the title. Still a little ways to go.


Almost forgot to post an update on this fine Thursday! @MichaelSlutsky’s article has been in editing through most of the day. It’s another long one, so it’s correspondingly taking me time to properly edit. I certainly hope to have it ready to go sometime tonight, but I’m not sure when that will be!

Topics include Greninja, Greninja, and more Greninja. It’s dope. I think you guys will really like it. :frog::ok_hand::100:

The sole image tagged “Minnesota” in the 6P archives.

I laughed.


Hah! That’s what I want to hear. I wasn’t sure if that one would come across funny.

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@Aarontarbell’s article is almost ready! I’m finished editing and he will be making a few tweaks as soon as he’s free. ETA is early afternoon. Topic is Dark decks. :sunglasses:

Hey guys! @tnunski’s article has been in editing throughout the afternoon. It’s coming along well and will be out sometime probably late tonight. (I’ve got to be honest: I’m kind of drained from editing lately.)

Table of contents is as follows:

Mega Gardevoir STS

  • Key Cards
  • Other Options
  • The Dark Matchups
    Vileplume Toolbox
  • Key Cards
  • The Dark Matchups
    Mega Scizor/Raticate
  • Key Cards
  • Other Options
  • The Dark Matchups
    Analysis of the Counter-Dark Decks
    Rogue Considerations
  • Mega Beedrill
  • Pidgeot

Some really neat stuff. The Scizor deck is especially cool. I can’t wait for you guys to read about it!

In case it’s not obvious: I’ll be here a week from today with post-Fort Wayne coverage, London preview (you’d be surprised how one card becoming legal between now and then might change a lot), and numerous Birthday Pikachu puns.


Is it your birthday that day?

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