"Not A Very Full Bench" A Very Disappointing London Internationals Report

Hey, guys! I’ve had so much to say about London Internationals that I couldn’t just put it on my season record! Well, I had a bit of an eventful journey, including the unfortunate loss of my energy binder and all my Pokemon clothes, but Magic Madhouse were kind enough to donate me a T-Shirt and my dad spent rather a long time shopping (SO Typical!). Anyway, let’s get onto the actual tournament. I played Raichu/Bats.

4 Pikachu BKT
4 Raichu XY
4 Zubat PHF
4 Golbat PHF
1 Shuppet ROS
1 Banette ROS
1 Mew EX
2 Dragonite EX
3 Shaymin EX

4 Professor Sycamore
2 N
1 Lysandre
1 Ace Trainer
1 Karen
1 Teammates
4 Vs Seeker
4 Ultra Ball
3 Level Ball
1 Repeat Ball
3 Trainers’ Mail
1 Devolution Spray
1 Super Rod
1 Special Charge
4 Skyfield


Now, onto the tournament report.
R1 vs. Gustavo C. w/ Mega Mewtwo (LWL)
Game 1 I accidentally misplayed a ton! I played down a Dragonite EX and then a Shaymin EX, even though he had a Garbodor out! That prize turned out to be crucial, as he ended up winning. Game 2 he starts Shaymin, I get an explosive start, then he passes, then I KO him and win. In game 3 he topdecks Lysandre at the last possible moment and ends up winning. :frowning:
R2 vs. Euan B. w/ Volcanion (WW)
Both games I draw perfectly, and annihilate him. He just can’t keep up, so I win both games fairly easily.
R3 vs. Matteo M. w/ Rainbow Road (LL)
Game 1 I just draw dead, and he gets a perfect start. I can’t keep up, so I lose. Game 2 we both start rubbishly, then start trading prizes. Then he topdecks an energy so he can kill 2 Shaymins with his Galvantula.
R4 vs. David B. w/ Garchomp (LL)
Ya kiddin’, right? A must win game to have a chance of making cut, and I get GARCHOMP?! Everyone knows that Garchomp can destroy Raichu. He just accelerated more than me and ended up winning. The dream is over. :frowning:
R5 vs. Caroline M. w/ Regice AOR/Vileplume AOR
Yes! Finally a good matchup! I topdeck Lysandre both games so I can KO Vileplume and then just wipe out his Regices with my Raichus.
R6 vs. Someone w/ Yveltal EX/ Jolteon EX/ Garbodor BKP
I don’t start great both games, and in Game 2 he Lysandres Dragonite and I can’t retreat it, so he snipes with pitch black spear. He just overpowers me.
R7 vs. Another Someone w/ Rainbow Road
My opponent outspeeds me in both games, and I am powerless to stop him. I unfortunately lose my final round. :frowning:
2-5-0, +0 cp, No prizes, a waste of time.
Oh well, another typical Pokemon Tournament.
Thanks for reading,
@RisingRaichu xxx

How’d you lose your energy binder?

A drunk lady accidentally took one of our bags instead of her own when she got off the train at Milton Keynes.

Did you eventually get it back?

I got it back just now.

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