Noivern Trainer Kit, Druddigon FLF, Altaria DRX Variants // BCR-on

This is the deck I had been working on, and used in the recent PTCGO 6P Tournament. The strategy is to use Winona and Shaymin EX to set up Altaria and Noiverns, then hit for massive damage with Druddigon and/or Noivern. Hydreigon acts as a counter for Aegislash EX on top of providing free retreat for a good part of the deck. Iris lets this deck squeeze out that last bit of damage in a pinch for a surprise KO. This deck uses Skyfield to allow me to spam Shaymins without worrying about Bench space, and when it does get discarded, allows me to free my bench from EX Pokemon to prevent Lysandre.

It’s a fun deck to play if you enjoy the occasional overkill.

Pokemon: 22

4-4 Altaria DRX
3-3 Noivern Trainer Kit
3 Druddigon FLF
2 Shaymin EX
2 Hydreigon EX
1 Mr. Mime

Trainers: 30

4 N
3 Professor Juniper
3 Winona
2 Colress
1 Iris
1 Lysandre
1 Xerosic

1 Computer Search
4 VS Seeker
3 Ultra Ball
1 Sacred Ash

3 Muscle Band

3 Sky Field

Energy: 8

4 Double Colorless Energy
4 Double Dragon Energy


Posting Noivern Trainer Kit due to how little known it is.