Noivern FFI Variants // BCR-on

Hello all,

Thinking about good ways to get tons of damage on the board finally came to this. Noivern can sometimes block an attack with Echolocation, and Boomburst is great. It works great with Dusknoir BCR to move the damage. If the conceptual DDE is real, this gets even better. I have a skeleton listed below.

4-3 Noivern FFI
3-1-3 Dusknoir BCR
1 Keldeo EX
2 Yveltal EX
1 Seismitoad EX

2 Target Whistle
4 Juniper
3 N
2 Lysandre
2 Colress
1 Xerosic
3 Rare Candy
1 Evosoda
3 Ultra Ball
2 Muscle Band
2 Float Stone
3 VS Seeker
4 Laser

2 Virbank

4 Darkness
4 Psychic

If you have a quarter of the deck free, run some candy and an extra Dusclops. It helps.

7*4=28. :open_mouth:

I would add more Evosoda, 4th N, and vs seeker

I edited it, there were 16 spaces before. I never play more than 3 N in a deck. 4 is too many, and the extra space helps.

Maybe more Xerosic for the toads matchup, or using rainbow energy? : /

So with the addition of DDE, Noivern FFI is looking a lot more attractive. #DOITFORDUSKNOIR!

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Thanks for sharing the video! I really enjoyed it. Pretty excited to test this deck out myself when I get the chance.

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How could I have missed that synergy!

I think using Dusknoir is a mistake. Add in Winona and Altaria BCR along with the colorless Swablu instead. (and of course Shaymin EX!) Adding in a 1-1 Clefable PLS line could be interesting too.

There is also a promo Noivern to consider too: