No Ex tournament


Yep thats right, no Exs. not even shaymins. I’m thinking of doing an expanded tournament on tcg one. comment if you’d be interested


Fun fact: I actually did this around a year and a half ago. However, I don’t think it would work again. Why? Because decks like Sableye or Greninja, depending on the format, would win everything. Especially Greninja. As such, I don’t think it would work, but it could be interesting.


I’ll be down to join if the organizer bans Garbodor and Sableye. Even if he doesn’t I might join and just play that.


Ok then no energy discarders. Sableye is more than an annoying wall that gets hammers, he’s also consistency card.


And I’m thinking a 4 round Swiss and then top cut. What do u guys think


Ok then. I think you guys have spoken. No sableye or greninja. Sounds good?


Can I play? Please? :grinning:


Hah, you say this now. Trust me, when you’re actually running the tournament and in the midst of it all, you may take those words back.


Im trying to get a few more people for the tournament and its swiss bo3 btw. u can switch decks at any time, even between B03 matches if youd like.

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The organizer here is being too wishy-washy and I don’t see this tournament materializing. PM him if you want to play games without EXs.