Ninja's Are Arriving in Alola!

All I need to do, is show you the deck list for this beastly deck!!


  • 3 Greninja Break BKP
  • 4 Greninja BKP
  • 4 Frogadier BKP
  • 3 Froakie BKP
  • 4 Talonflame STS


  • 7 Water
  • 2 Splash Energy BKP


  • 1 Enhanced Hammer

  • 4 VS Seekers

  • 2 Max Potion

  • 2 Field Blower

  • 3 Choice Band

  • 4 Dive Ball

  • 1 Super Rod

  • 2 Ultra Ball

  • 1 Hex Maniac

  • 1 Lysandre

  • 1 Fisherman

  • 4 N

  • 4 Professor Sycamore

  • 3 Rough Seas

As you can see, I’m new here and I don’t really know how to do things, but I really have hope that this deck will do really good. In case you ask, I run Hex for Item lock and Volcanion and Decidueye. Thank you for giving me a chance!

I don’t see too many issues with it it looks pretty standard. Do some testing with it and report back your results. Test vs meta decks too. Greninja is set to be much better with the downfall of garbodor. Greninja will be interesting to see what it becomes. And this is probably a bad idea but how would greninja/plume work it is essentially decidueye but more damage. WIth the energy discard.

Sounds good, but greninja only does damage at a stage 3, and no good way to get/recycle energies under item lock. Too slow without the FoGP benefit and items, sadly. And garbodor will be MUCH bigger with the new garbodor, meaning a 4-3/1 line will be almost standard in those decks.

Can’t make much changes, looks great! Might want to replace 1 water with an extra splash or something. It needs to be tested though.

ya that it true

I see it more now but i will try testing it at a league cup coming up.

Good luck, and I am interested in the results!

Yes that is true but field blower really downsizes its potential[quote=“2CardCollectorQ, post:6, topic:10719, full:true”]
Good luck, and I am interested in the results!

thank you

Forgot about that. Will have to wait and see how the meta goes.

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okay ya we will just have to wait. It will be interesting as to how long decidueye is king of the hill.

I’ve done maybe around 50 games with this list and I’ve beeten 45/50. Even against Plume and Decidueye.

I’ve tested this list about 50 times. I’ve won 45/50. Even against Plume and Decidueye.

I personally doubt Greninja will win 90% of games, considering many people allow a margin of one game to lose due to bricking in Bo3.

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I have to agree with @mrblacktie, since greninja is highly inconsistent. Who did you play against?

I’m a senior so I mainly played against seniors. Some masters like Chris Clanton who runs the league I go to.

how do you know your league is competent

Dude, a league is a league. The most important part of games are practicing your deck, and then MAYBE matchups. As long as you are good at your deck, doesn’t matter how good your opponent is. Though that number seems very high.

I would disagree with that statement. Knowing a deck’s matchups helps beforehand to know what to do against certain matchups. Understanding your deck comes in when playing against something unexpected or against poor/50-50 matchups or against good matchups where your deck does not seem to be drawing very well.

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Yeah, you want to know matchups, they are the key part of Pokémon. I just believe that, as long as you have a solid game plan, have an idea of what to do in that matchup, and remember the numbers you will most likely be fine. Just my thought on decks.

I would consider dropping the Enhanced Hammer & one Rough Seas in exchange for two Trainers’ Mail. That helps reduce the brick percentage of the deck.

I like the return of the Ninja Frog, though. Always a fun deck to play.

Its competent, it vouched for