Night March Variants // XY-on 2016


ah ok. IMO the vespi line was a good choice cause its good in the ninja matchup and against jolteons. plus it adds a good late game and is still very consistent


That’s how night March is usually run… Although most mm deck run two FFB.


Yup I usually run 2 but then again I play mewmarch


In straight NM you should definitely run 2 FFB. I only ran one FFB due to my increased reliance on a stage 1 Vespiquen line, and the presence of an attacker with larger HP, as well as having less space than traditional NM decks


Not to be that guy, but for some reason the resolution makes it impossible to see the picture of your deck you posted, would it be ok for you to do a rundown of the cards so I can see :smiley:


Is there any current consensus on the best/close-to-best list for Night March that can still safely compete with things like Trevenant and Vileplume?

My current list (from about two months ago till now) is this:

Pokemon - 16
12 Night Marchers
1 Mew
3 Shaymin EX


Trainers - 40
4 Sycamore
1 Hex Maniac
1 Teammates
1 Lysandre

3 Dimension Valley

4 Trainers’ Mail
4 Battle Compressor
4 Puzzle of Time
4 Ultra Ball
4 VS Seeker
4 Acro Bike
1 Float Stone
1 Town Map
1 Switch
1 Target Whistle
2 Fighting Fury Belt

Any glaring suggestions or fixes for the current metagame?


Once steam siege is legal, Pokemon ranger is a must


Nobody runs 4 Acro Bike in Night March anymore.


@eggrolls, Acro bike is a bad card because as you mill through your own deck you start to hit two copies of cards like DCE, puzzle, and vs seeker.


@eggrolls Think about playing a few copies of Unown in there for additional draw.


Only need 2 D-Valley


You never run Unown in straight Night March. Only in Vespiquen/Night March.


Absolutely not true. Gallade takes great advantage of Unown, and it’s also a good card in general to give you late game N insurance, which is where night March can really struggle, and can also help you jam your bench to nullify target whistle.


But then if I prize one I only have one for the whole game until I can get lucky off the prize or reach my town map (assuming I haven’t been item locked yet).

How consistent is the Maxie’s engine? Marowak is an obvious solution to toad and Giratina without garbodor, but idk if with my luck it would actually be worth the deck investment.

Also on another note, next format is PRC-on right? Does that mean Toad and Trevenant are both rotating out, or did they ever get reprints confirmed?

As for the deck,
-4 Acro Bike
+1 Pokémon Ranger (maybe 2?)
+1 Special Charge?

+1/1 Maxie’s/Marowak or Xerosic/Enhanced Hammer or 2 Unown?


It’ll give you a huge edge against the mirror match by having an extra slot open for E hammer or another tech, against Trevenant you won’t need more than two either, against Giratina you’ll have bigger problems (like finding a Pokemon Ranger so you can actually play down a DCE or D Valley), and against VV they will probably burn through all of their stadiums on their first turn, meaning you only need one really.


Last week at my league there were three people playing night March with 11 Vespiquen 2 unown and 11Barbaracle from ftc. The ability is if you have a stadium card in play your opponent can’t play any special energies from their hand to a Pokemon. I understand how it works against night March but gets wrecked by any other deck that runs any stadium besides d valley

In my case I would just run night March vespi cause it is way more consistent


But isn’t straight Night March much more consistent than Night March Vespiquen?


Should be and is. It can hit more numbers Turn 1.


True but I personally prefer nm vespi over straight nm


100% not the case. Night March Vespi plays far fewer “explode” cards. Typically your game against trevenant is decided fast enough where the extra 30 (or 60) hp on Vespiquen doesn’t matter, especially considering Vespiquen is just another card you have to find to attack.