Night March Variants // XY-on 2016


Here is my current list. There are some interesting cards, so I’ll go over them.

4 Acro Bike/4 Roller Skates/4 Unown
It draws well without Shaymin-EX to help in the mirror.

2 Ultra Ball
There is no need to fetch Shaymin, is there?

1 N
It helps if/when you fall behind.

Overall, this list will probably beat the mirror, item lock if it goes first, and anything else if it can outspeed. As always, feel free to comment. Please note that this is an experiment.


Do you not have shaymin? Because this deck shouldn’t be run without shaymin.


I do, but I felt like being creative. I actually like it more, personally.


Question: I personally feel a small Maxie’s Gallade tech is important in here as a counter to Jolteon (and with TCGOne updating with Fates and Generations, I’ve seen nothing but Jolteon), but what’s the optimal amount of spots to dedicate for this? I’m running 1 Maxie and 1 Gallade currently, and I think it works out pretty well. However, I’ve seen some lists run 2 Gallade. What’s the optimal amount of slots to dedicate for this engine? Does it matter more based on the expected meta?


Your expected meta is definitely something to consider when making choices like this, but going into events like nats, id much rather play a 1-1 to have space for any other techs I might want to play.


Thanks for the help m8.


Has anyone been testing a 1-1 line of Marowak to counter Toad and Giratina? And for those moments when you have say 2 extra spaces for techs, what combination of Escape Rope, Enhanced Hammer, Megaphone, AZ, Xerosic, etc. do you guys normally use? I’ve found one Megaphone and one Target Whistle to be the only things that actually come in crucial and help out significantly.


Marowak is certainly a strong option for Night March, but manual evolution is not the correct way to play it. Overall, it is much more efficient to package 1 Marowak with a 1-1 Gallade BKT/Maxie’s, so that you can recur the Marowak multiple times if necessary, and place Marowak into play as early as the first turn. Furthermore, the Galladd provides brilliant coverage against Jolteon and any Manectric decks that may see play.


Manectric as a whole doesn’t seem to be too big at the moment for various reasons - toad as a whole seems to be bigger in Europe than in the US atm (Toadbox, straight toad, etc.) so Marowak certainly has some legitimacy.

A tech I would recommend everyone to try out is 2 bent spoons in NM. Greninja is going to be pretty big at US nats, 2 bent spoon effectively ensures you get 1-3 free turns of attack against Greninja turning the matchup far more in your favor.


How does it give 1-3 turns of free attacks? It only stops effects of attacks, and as far as I know the only effect of an attack Greninja used is Ability negation, which doesn’t really stop your attacks unless you have Mew active, and then you can just retreat it for free (even though they’ll most likely KO it with the attack).


Greninja decks come with Jirachi XY67, the effect of one of whose attacks is probably what @Xabalanque wants Bent Spoon to prevent as well.


Yea exactly what skyla said. Bent spoon is meant for jirachi, since it prevents the removal of your dce and jirachi’s protection from taking effect. Getting 2 turns of early attacks without jirachi being around is huge, enough to win the matchup more consistently


It also helps against the dreaded Bubble attack.


Yea I think without bent spoon greninja has a serious chance to take the matchup in its favor. The deck keeps getting more and more consistent.


Night march or greninja?


I think he meant Greninja. With N coming back, Greninja is more consistent than ever.


Greninja. As time moves on people are learning what is needed and what is the best way to consistently run the deck. There are so many different ways you can play greninja and over time the advantages of some can be seen.


Here’s the list I got second with at Austrian nationals (masters division) my only loss all day was in the finals against vespiquen zoroark thanks to a game 3 dead draw :smiley:


looking at the low count of FFBs and Dimension Valleys im assuming ur main focus was on vespi


Vespi was basically my second attacker after joltik, since pumpkaboo was only my third attacker two d valley was plenty, especially since I can puzzle it back, and I always got the valley out super consistently. The FFB was actually my last inclusion to the list, as I feel it’s definitely not neccessary, but it really helped against the megaman decks I played, and since I already had a higher HP attacker the HP buff wasn’t super important