Night March Variants // XY-on 2016


Now that Generations has been released, what would Night March players respond with to Jolteon-EX’s Flash Ray?

Escape Rope followed by Lysandre? Maxie’s Gallade / Garchomp? Or just accepting the auto loss?


I don’t know it’ll be popular until Regionals…when listening to old PTCGRadios about BLW-DRX, BCR, Ross is always talking about how low of HP Ho-Oh-EX has…being blessed with the double curse of also being a very lowly distributed card (b/c Generations), it’ll be something only the best players play, not a card for the majority.

To fully answer your question, I don’t think they will, until it becomes popular. Then, who knows.


Does week three allow generation cards?


Week one allows generations.


Oh, of states. I got confused and thought we were talking about regionals.



Is it possible to make a successful (or at least good) night March deck without Shaymin?

And if so, what would staples be in it?

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Not unless you’re a god at flipping with cards like Roller Skates. Don’t even consider trying Octilery instead.


Ok. Thanks. :slightly_smiling:

I have shaymin, but I was thinking about a friend of mine who doesn’t. I guess night march won’t be the deck for him.


Who thinks that the new Mew should be included in Night March? I don’t. I like the version without Mew. It allows for more space and the deck works fine without it. But then again, it does allow for you to slap more marchers in the discard… What do you guys think?


I’m sorta torn:
On one hand, Puzzle of time solved the not enough energy problem
On the other hand, more attackers, and for potentially only a basic energy is very enticing.


I’d play 1 but that’s it. Ending your turn with hex is too strong.


Mew may have utility in the format, but it’s not here.


the shinyness is amazing!!!


1x Shaymin-EX ROS 77/108
4x Unown AOR 30/98
4x Pumpkaboo PHF 44/119
4x Joltik PHF 26/119
4x Lampent 42/119
3x Combee AOR 9/98
3x Vespiquen AOR 10/98
Total 23x

1x Xerosic
4x Professor Sycamore
3x Lysandre
1x Skyla
2x N
Total 11x

2x VS Seeker
3x Trick Shovel
4x Battle Compressor
1x Acro Bike
4x Ultra Ball
2x Robo Substitute
2x Muscle Band
Total 18x
Total 29x

4x Double Colorless Energy
4x Basic Psychic Energy
Total 8x

TOTAL: 60x


-4 Psychic
+4 Puzzles
-2 Robo Subs
+2 Vs Seeker
-3 Trick shovel
-1 Acro Bike
+4 Trainers Mail
-1 Sycamore
-1 Lysandre
+2 Shaymin

These are just my personal preferences…


With this in mind, if you’re truly set on playing night March/Vespiquen, you’re gonna want to play something more like this:

Pokémon: 23
4 Joltik PHF
4 Pumpkaboo PHF
4 Lampent PHF
4 Unown AOR
2 Combee AOR
2 Vespiquen AOR
3 Shaymin-EX

Trainer: 33
4 Ultra Ball
4 VS Seeker
4 Puzzle of Time
4 Battle Compressor
3 Trainers’ Mail
1 Enhanced Hammer
1 Float Stone
3 Professor Sycamore
1 N
1 Lysandre
1 Teammates
1 Hex Maniac
1 AZ
1 Xerosic
1 AZ
1 Dimension Valley
1 Parallel City

Energy: 4
4 Double Colorless


Those aren’t preferences, those are all staples :wink:


Any ideas on my decklist? I’m thinking of running garchomp in this but idk


You need Teammates. Drop a Mew for it.


I can see that coming in handy and I never need more that 2 mews anyways