Night March Variants // XY-on 2016


thanks! :smiley: Your completely right, 3 shaymin EX and Milotics would probably make it that much better


Really a 4-of? Is that OK with stadiums? I mean understand using 2, but 4 is over doing it…? Though I have seen Death March Variants that don’t use DV, and it makes me want to slap myself.


Ok I took out the needed Prof.Letter and now have 2 DV staduims in the deck! Thank you for the insight! I can kinda see why some people run 4, because of the opponent’s staduims and all of your own discarding. I still think 4 is a little overdoing it though.


I have one now. I also have a list that isn’t trash like that first one I posted.


Oh @Dweinhardt, you make me laugh bud,(in a good and friendly way). Have you always called every list that get older than 2 months trash? Cause I clearly remember you saying “well tested, and very good.” Well, guess we all have our opinions. :wink::smile::smile:


Needs vs seeker and only ex shaymins way less energys


I often mistaken my poor and rough lists to be optimal. I go back and improve upon my mistakes usually, however.


I think that 4 DV in NM is optimal, but not for the mirror. 3 is what I would run minimum. In standard stadium wars happen a lot, especially against manectric decks that run rough seas.


In standard 3 Dimension Valley and 1 parallel city is extremely strong. In the mirror and against Vespiquen, you can use shaymins to set up and then discard them with parallel city.


Very true. On another note, I find that in some matches that I need battle compressor as soon as possible. Does skyla have any room in this deck?


You would be better off using a sycamore/birch to try an get a good setup and/or battle compressor that way. The only deck I see running skyla in standard is manectric.


I tried playing Skyla heavily last year, did not go well at all. You need the Sycamore to keep yourself drawing into supporters and dce. MAYBE to grab the other time puzzle piece, but only a 1-off @ most.


Hmm that’s weird because I dont even use skyla in my manectric decks. I do play AZ in my list bc i play 3 shaymin ex. Also play 4 DV, and like dweinhart said 3 DV + Parallel city to get rid of shaymin ex off my bench could be a way to remove AZ and start testing skyla in my list. I play 4 sycamore, 2 hex maniac, 1 AZ (for shaymin), 1 lysandre, 1 teammates, and 1 xerosic as far as supporters go, so by removing 1 DV for parallel I could potentially make room for a skyla and start testing my nm deck with that… Ill let you know how it works out.

Edit: Is 4 Sycamore necessary for NM, or should I play just 3? Also took out 1 Hex maniac

heres the list im using right now for testing with skyla based off what I’ve read in this thread.


Sycamore is not necessary, when you run 3 shay, 3 acro, 4 trainers’, etc.


I personally find 2 to be fine since you’re running such a high count of item draw, or at least you should if you aren’t already.


I took out 1 sycamore and re-added AZ to my list. I think it looks fine now. I also thought about either adding a buddy-buddy rescue/revive. I know my list runs milotic, but sometimes I may want to get a pokemon and an energy for revenge kills.

Edit: I took out 1 psychic energy and added another acro bike. Surprisingly, I like skyla and teammates in this deck for item searching or that one missing piece to the puzzle. I thought about teching jirachi in here for the mirror, but space is an issue for straight NM… I don’t like 1-1 milotic, because if I really need it in the late game and it’s prized, then I might as well run town map and hopefully get what I need.


Puzzle of Time

Does it have to be seriously considered now?


No, but if you want to run the supposed BDIF, yeah, you are gonna need 4 in Night March.


two have seemed to work for me so far to be honest :confused:


yeah i found that 2 is fine by me. ive updated my list since and it runs very well. I think 4 DCE only in my build is better though.