Night March Variants // XY-on 2016


Play jirachi to beat reshiTina. There is really no answer to it.


Doesn’t work as well unfortunately. Hydreigon gets powered up in one turn with DDE and Turboblaze, then OHKO’s with Shred which goes through Stardust’s effect. Sure, you break the lock, but bunnelby is there if you run out of DDE’s which rarely happens in my testing.


Then you promote a night marcher and K.O. Hydreigon. And they put up Giratina… And the cycle starts over again if you play two Jirachi. And when they put up bunnelby is the perfect time to Lysandre /ko something.


A smart Giratina player should go after those Jirachi, so that there are never two in play at one time. Jirachi definetly makes the matchup difficult, don’t get me wrong. But Reshiram Turbo Giratina has the best chance of all the Giratina variants of dealing with it.


A smart night march player would only pls jirachi the turn that you are planning to attack with it.


How do you retreat whatever you promoted to get out the jirachi then, considering that most night march lists only play one float which you can’t even play after chaos wheel? I rarely see escape rope in night march anymore as well, and even then just a one of.


You would almost certainly run an AZ. Good card in general for Night March.


I agree, all night march lists should run AZ, but It seems like a lot to ask for: a way to get jirachi, a basic energy, and an AZ. This is also assuming that its after T1 and so you have used most if not all of your shaymin for set up. And you would have to repeat this same thing for the next turn in the case of Hydreigon in ReshTina.


You should probably have a float stone on one of your Pokemon by the time they chaos wheel with all the speed that night march has.


I want to use Night March tomorrow on my 1st regionals (PT) this year, but the meta is infested with bats! any ideas?


Run the new Bench Barrier Mr Mime. Done.


That does nothing against bats, other than small details, I suggest running 2-3 copies of hex maniac. I am doing some testing right now, and it is a Manectric-EX/Crobat deck vs a night march speed build with 2 hex maniac and a 2-2 Milotic PRC. I will post the results when I am done.


Here is my list. Speediest I have. No basic energy. Very consistent. Even with 2 DCE prized.


So I managed to win the city in Cornelius today with a 1-1 Bronzong and a 1-1 Milotic line with buddy-buddy rescue as a pivot (with Jirachi). My idea as I explained earlier was to deal with what I would be an influx of giratina, but the couple of people I know that wanted to play reshi-tina couldn’t come today. Frankly I feel like my deck was a bit clunky and that could be seen in some of my losses, but a win is a win I guess.


Just a reminder that asking for decklists is heavily discouraged on here.

i.e.: if a mod sees such a post, it will be deleted.


This list is lacking in super scoop up and skates, and thus, should be edited.


So I went to another cities today and took my giratina counters out (bronzong, metals, jirachi, etc.). Apparently there had been almost no giratina at the city the day before and there was nearly no giratina on Friday, but Giratina showed up in force on Sunday in NC. Needless to say I was disappointed in my choice to add some consistency at the expense of winning the Giratina matchup [I bubbled at 9th today].

While I think pure NM-milotic is a stronger deck head to head compared to what I played on Friday, I guess I have come to the conclusion its better to be safe than sorry (and make sure I actually have an out to Giratina :stuck_out_tongue: )


Hello there everyone! This is my first time posting on 6 prizes, and I’ll admit I was confused XD It wouldn’t let me post but then i got the badge to let me lol, hopefully I wasn’t the only one who was once in that boat. Anyways now I can post and I’ll get right to it!

Oh and btw, I think I read somewhere not to post long entries…? Oh who cares! I warned you ahead of time, skip to just read the deck’s contents if you want to OR just hit that nifty back button on your handy dandy web browser :hatching_chick:

Is this deck worth my time?
A: Most likely not XD I’m not as seasoned as a lot of people here on six prizes but that won’t stop me from sharing! Anyways, there much better night march decks out there, but if my deck interests you go ahead and build it or do something similar!

Do you win with this deck?
A: Quite often, but granted I have only been doing PTCGO so it probably won’t be as great in actual events XD anyways I’ve had great comeback moments, which is probably my favorite thing about nightmarch decks.

Show me the deck!
Okay okay, sorry I talk a LOT (like a lot, did i mention a lot? cause its a lot XD Lol)
Anyways here it is:

Mewtwo EX 61/162 x1
Hoopa EX 36/98 x1
M Mewtwo EX 160/162 x1
Gengar EX 34/119 x1
Mewtwo Spirit Link 144/162 x1
Joltik 26/119 x4
Cresselia 70/162 x1
Lampent 42/119 x4
Natu 27/108 x1
Xatu x1 29/108 x1
Pumpkaboo 44/119 x4
Wobbuffet 67/162 X1
Acro Bike x4
Trainers Mail X2
UltraBall x4
Professer Sycamore x4
Dimension Valley x2
Muscle Band x2
Battle Compressor x4
Trick Coin x1
Head Ringer X1
Double Colorless Energy x4
Psychic Energy x11

Well there it is, nothing truly special but as for strategies I’ll note them down here, if your still reading that is XD lol


What the hell did you put them in here for!? NOOB! okay, okay I get it, they’re not EX cards that flux muscles but I’m surprised this card doesn’t get that much play! (well, actually most of you guys don’t care that it’s not EX, since well… you did click on something that said nightmarch deck XD)
Anyways the strategy for this card is stall by using Future Sight, it works so well in any nightmarch deck honestly! First I use it on the opponent, to arrange 5 cards in the worst way possible for em’, and possibly giving me 5 free turns. then I use it on my deck to get the most out of my marchmilling!

Dimensional Valley

I have no clue why this isn’t used in EVERY nightmarch deck, but nonetheless with this deck its crucial, lowers cost for basically every pokemon here and makes pumkaboo better than joltik and MUCH more usuable!


Really is just here to take advantage of the DV staduim card. Ability - My way works well with it, and then Moonlight gain is still a two-drop, but what-evs it can’t truly be perfect and is mostly just a filler, feel free to replace this card.

Wobbeffet + Trickcoin

Just for stall, really. Also takes good use of the DV? Don’t know why I put a question mark there XD Lol. Feel free to replace

Gengar EX, Hoopa EX

These are really just cards in PTCGO I had and used as fillers. Feel free to replace them, especially Gengar EX. He is only there because I wanted to use Hoopa EX more easily. Hoopa EX is nice to have, to retrieve that Mewtwo EX, and Mega Mewtwo. It’s also nice because it removes all the EX cards from your deck, freeing it for only nightmarch use. Oh yah and hoopa EX, dont attack with him, please just don’t set him up. Really, just don’t.

Well that’s it!

Quite fun to run in my opinion actually, and it seems to play fine!
By the way! Insult my deck! Cmon give it to me! It’s bad so throw everything you’ve got at it! XD LOL nah, I know already this community is pretty awesome but really, tbh, I want to see any kind of feed back! Positive or non positive critisiscm! Because I’m striving to make this a better deck! Please if you’ve read this far (lol do I have anyone? No? oh ok, well :confused: I’ll talk to the wall then) try and tell me what I can do better! I’m looking foward to it! and I can’t wait to keep writing :bird: Don’t know about yall’ but I’m psyched to be posting on six prizes! <3


Well. I certainly read it. Anyway, I may not be 100% right here but I think that unless that exact archetype of night march, that you said was not exactly being played by everyone, should go in the uncategorized non-meta xy-on. But also, some friendly advice, maybe try and go speedier in night march. A lot if players find that just
4-4-4 night marchers
3 Shaymin ex
2-2 Milotic PRC
Works very well. Nice writing skills too. :wink::smiley:


Oh, but it is! And as a 4-of. It makes it a lot easier to pull off a night march attack and speed is what makes the deck so good.