Night March Variants // XY-on 2016


yeah @pokemonguy, i really think any player who has the time to A. Bling a deck, B. Sleeve the deck and lay it out, and C. Take a photo of the deck and upload it should have the right to say its at the very least “good”. @Dweinhardt has most likely played multiple games with that build and like us all tend to favor it the most, as you favor “Fairies/Giratina-EX” @pokemonguy since you quote “won a regionals with it.” I also while saying this am not trying to put emphasis on your quote in the way that it makes you look like a liar, I am simply saying we all are qualified to talk about decks we favor extremely.


I don’t even favor night March, I just know a lot about the deck because, going into worlds, I was fairly confident it was BDIF. I almost played it at worlds and then switched decks last second, only to take 10th at the Boston Open using night March. What I’m saying is that I’m just as qualified as you are. You can pretend you’re all high and mighty, and you determine what decks are bad, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. You won a regional, awesome. Good for you. With that in mind, however, I’ve heard from multiple sources that there were only 5 seniors at that regional. As someone who took 3rd at the biggest seniors regional to date (ft. Wayne) less than a month ago, I just don’t see where you gain the right to talk like you’re the best player here.


To challenge @pokemonguy, do you have a list with the cards you proposed are a “must have” that is tested in the XY-BKT format? I’m not asking for a list, I’m just asking if you have one.

Also, I agree with @Dweinhardt.

Almost every time. Bats still needs to wait a turn to evolve ehile NM can take turn one K.O.'s

Hex over Lysandre can be argued. I personally would run the hex over the second Lysandre because using Lysandre to get around Aegislash does not eliminate the problem. Aegislash is still there.and using Hex is a way to get it off the field

So, @pokemonguy can do that and his list will be “good”? Anyone who’s deck is not blinged out or sleeved is bad? Everyone has their own opinions. It is up to other people to decide wether they are “right” or “wrong”. And those will still be opinions.


Exactly my point, NM > Bats

No, I am saying that if @Dweinhardt did all that, he must at least like his list, and the deck itself, which proves he thinks and knows it is well tested and good. But still an opinion, I agree.


Are you implying that he got the FA and SR versions of those cards to bling out a deck he is planning to play? Because he has had those cards for a while (inference based on seeing past lists that he posted as a picture). I know what you mean, but a blinged-out deck does not always mean good. (Not saying that to challenge the idea that his deck is or is not good.)

The way you said it made it seem as though you were challenging that idea. I misunderstool.


No, again, I am just saying he probably would’ve built the deck (with or without bling) because @Dweinhardt thought it was good. I am trying to say what you said earlier, that we all have our own opinions.


Yes, I accidentally made it sound like that, whoops. :smile:


Unfortunately, none of those things have any influence over whether a deck is good or not. I have, however, removed an unnecessarily rude comment.

@bkeldeo - you will find that experienced players will have useful input on a wide variety of decks, whether they ‘favour’ them or not. One of the keys to improving in this game is to know the decks you will face as well as you know the one you are playing. For this reason, people will often build and playtest stuff that they never take to a tournament.


That is kind of what I am saying here, respectfully though, all players have a right to say something is good based on their knowledge of that certain deck and all the decks they could/have faced. I am very aware that they may never play it even though they test it, as I have done that numerous times. But yes, @baby_mario, I completely and fully agree and understand.


It’s worth noting that, while anyone is free to give an opinion on a deck, there will be people more and less qualified to give their opinion.

I regretfully inform this thread that not all opinions are created equal.


Yes sir, respectfully speaking, I agree.



I wholeheartedly agree. With that in mind, however, when a player calls a well-tested list bad, and all around speaks as if he’s the best player on this forum, that, I feel, crosses the line, and is unwarranted.


Don’t we all feel that way? It’s no fun to have your list that you tested extensively called just plain bad.

More to the topic of the thread though, @Dweinhardt, I say that you could drop a T-Mail for a super rod only if your list is already speedy and consistent as heck. Otherwise, drop the E-Hammer for it because you can always vs seeker for xerosic


E-hammer isn’t going anywhere, it’s too good. I’m very adamant in my belief that, while its not the speediest, this is the most consistent and hands-down best night March variant in the game, due to its late-game stability. Often times I find trainers mail to be redundant after the first few turns of the game.


The list I’m using and tested has made Top 4 at several Regionals. I personally bubbled Top 4 at a regional (Got scooped out of cup). Night March needn’t have a late game strategy as the game should be lasting more than 7-9 turns. There’s no reason to play 4 Sycamore as Hex Maniac is so powerful and gives you that chance to block your opponents Shaymins and Hoopas for the entire game so you can just bench them. The deck doesn’t need basic energy as you have Milotic. You also should always be expecting to have your special energy discarded after every turn as Night Marchers rarely take a hit. Speed is this decks main strategy, it’s only way to beat Giratina is to get a T1 Night March, you say basic energy is good VS Giratina but a good Tina player will hunt down that basic energy before you can attach two. The only cards that I’d play from Breakthrough in this deck is Giovanni’s as that extra 20 wins the matchup against mega EX decks, Float Stone (But that is maybe one to leave out because you should be playing AZ and SSU) and Town Map. I’ve been testing Standard for a good 3 months now (XY-AOR) and in my testing for BRT in the last few weeks, not much changes except for a few new techs (Gallade, Judge) and fringe decks (Magnezone, M Mewtwo). From my 3 regionals in Standard, Vileplume/Regice isn’t very good. It’s good in the right meta game but not in an open 1st weekend meta game. Turn one Vileplume isn’t as easy as you think and I wouldn’t tech for any deck week one as you have no idea what’s good and what’s bad. Anyway just my $1 (I had way more than 2¢ in that).


Why does that make a player good, or a list good? I could bling out a starter deck if I wished, it wouldn’t make it good. Also I thought you post lists to be critiqued, I critiqued it. I didn’t just say the deck was bad and gave no reasons, I justified my decision.


The only problem I have with the theory that speed beats giratina is that nearly everywhere I will be going to cities here around NC USA, Reshiram Giratina is being hyped up in a major way. Reshiram Giratina’s turn 1 chaos wheel makes things messy. I have been thinking of trying a line of 2 jirachi or 1 jirachi + 2 psychic energy at the expense of super scoop ups as a result, but still not sure if I like it.


I would advice to always run at least one jirachi in practically every deck. It’s too good not to, and it can practically seal a game in your favor in some cases (looking at you Seismitoad Giratina). And that holds true especially in night march with its reliance on special energy. If you expect lots of Giratina or Seismitoad (or a combination thereof), I don’t think running two would hurt that bad honestly.


Again, I have already cleared up that certain post. No what I meant to say but that is what I put. That was kind of “fluff” for the rest of the post and I already cleared it.


Honestly, I wouldn’t play Night March in a metagame like that. I’d whole heartedly recommend FairyTina. It has a great Tina matchup (As long as they don’t hit heads on Hammers) and is solid all round.


The only problem is the players I am talking to have long perfected the fairy-tina matchup for reshitina. Locking in shadow circle effectively takes away the advantage of fairies in the matchup