Night March Variants // XY-on 2016


I’m deciding on what to put in in my night March list to standardize it, and I couldn’t find a xy-on night March discussion, so I made one.
Here is my list of current night March variants:

  1. Pure night March
  2. Night March/milotic PRC
  3. Night March/bronzong
  4. Night March/empoleon breakthrough/Archie’s

If you have any other ideas that may work better, please suggest them!

Night March/Vespiquen Varients // XY-on 2016

Here’s a list for metal March:


Here’s a list for milotic/Night March


Here’s a list for empoleon/Archie’s/Night March.


IMO, I have always wanted 3 Shaymin EXs, because I dont like prizing them. This is generally a speed deck (especially the Archie variant) and I just like having access to as many cards as I can with the 3rd Shaymin. I mean, you dont have to, but that is how many, many, many, world class players like their Night March build.


You need a 3rd Shaymin. Also playing 1 buddy buddy rescue is better than any revive in this, IMO. The common trends I’m seeing is that none of your lists have a switching effect, and none of them have a late game, due to how aggressive your variants are. Look at Ross Cawthon’s 4th place regionals list. It was built to have a functional late game.


I have float stone, isn’t that switching effect sort of?


I like the town map and super rod in Ross’s list, but I don’t get the buddy-buddy rescue. What’s the use of it over revive?


You can grab shaymin, then bench it, u can grab a milotic and then use it, it just works so much better than the revive.


You don’t really need a 2-2 Line of Milotic, I find a 1-1 Line is good enough with an AZ and 3 Shaymin is a must in my opinion


It’s more versatile, especially to use w/ shaymin. Also I didn’t see te float stone, but you need an escape rope as well. This is my list. I’ve been pondering dropping the 4th trainers’ mail for a super rod.


Isn’t Psychic Energy better for the mirror? Why do you have lightning?


Psychic is better for the mirror in my opinion


@Dweinhardt, the bling is real, also, yeah, why lightning?? Why is every pro player playing lightning over Psychic?? Also, how do you like the Bronzong Variant?? I think it is pretty good. Also, what is everyone’s opinion on the Milotic PRC variant?? It allows you to be speedy and discard things you normally wouldn’t.


Who do you qualify as pro players? And many skilled players I’ve seen use psychic over lightnihg. Not every pro player uses Lightning. Also, he can’t answer for every pro player

Except for that birch


I just made the switch from birch to Shauna. Also I prefer lightning because Joltik has a smaller retreat cost and a cheaper attack. If you’re put into a position where you’d survive and need to retreat, you wouldn’t have to dig for a second energy to get rid of. Sure Pumpkaboo can attack for 2 with D Valley, but you can’t rely on getting multiple cards you need so often.


i know, i just meant, since that one guy at worlds played lightning, everyone switched @jirachi123, and i also saw @moonn and Ross Cawthon use lightnings as well, i just thought people would realize how Psychics work for “Ram”, and then shaymin cant sky return for a 30 HP KO. But, @Dweinhardt makes a good argument on retreat costs.


The deck should have 4-4-3 Mail, Bike, Skates minimum. No room for 4 D Valley, 2 is enough. 4 Shaymin is a must, NM thrives of speed, 4 SSU too to make sure you can get as many Shaymin off as possible. No need for 4 Sycamore. Needs at least 2 Hex Maniac to sut off bats, plume and aegislash.


Not what i would play, i would just swap the second hex maniac for another lysandre because you can easily lysandre around the aegislash, and how many times do you think the NM player is going to outspeed the bats player?? Also, go first against plume, or since you should play 4 sycamore, you will probably hit a hex maniac sooner or later.


its extremely rude to call a well tested list bad. You aren’t superior to us. This list actually has a late game, unlike the one you suggested. I’ve been playing night March since the trump ban, I think I know what I’m doing.