Night March Variants // BLW-on 2016

I thought we already had a thread for this deck, but I guess not.

This deck has been really good so far in testing. The Empoleon helps tremendously with knocking out megas, and the deck can get it out via Archie pretty consistently (it also helps against toad when you are copying Quaking Punch) . The only bad matchup is anything with Giratina, and I would really like to fit in some Enhanced Hammers, but just can’t find the space without ruining consistency (for Archie). What are everyone’s thoughts on it?

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Maybe you could drop down to 2 Shaymin EX, and or drop the Switch.

Promo Jirachi can help with Giratina.


I really think you need two ways of retreating, in which I’ll probably drop the switch for another float stone, and 3 Shaymin is mandatory so…

Any reason why psychic energy over water?

Pumpkaboo’s first attack, amazing in the mirror match to KO opposing Joltik and not get KO’d right back by a Sky Return.


I feel like a 1-1 Archie line is better, since it’s not vital to your strategy. You need 4 dimension valley and 2 Lysandre. Both of those counts are mandatory to a decent list. Also, Bleh Shuppet is an extremely strong Giratina-EX counter.


You are using the wrong empoleon! - a 1-1 of Archie’s and empoleon and change the empoleon to the one from dark explorers

The DEX Empoleon is good, but it just doesn’t do a ton for you. The extra draw is nice, but not completely necessary. Like I have said previously, the extra 20 damage Empoleon BKT provides can be extremely helpful while trying to knockout megas and any other things you may not be able to knockout in one hit.

That Empoleon isn’t good right now. It was played to beat LandoBats and for assurance against the toad matchup. Now, Night March tends to outspeed toad, and LandoBats isn’t played heavily. Even where it is, unless they play sash, you trade extremely positively with them. This Empoleon helps you hit megas for ohko’s, along with giving you that little push you may need.


Dex empoleon also can let you do 20 more damage EACH turn by discarding a night marcher

…which isn’t a problem due to the speedy nature of night March in general. Discarding a night marcher each turn is far from realistic, and if you do manage to do that more than 3 or so turns in a row, you’ve largely overextended your resources, and will be put into an extremely poor position.

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With the popularity of Archie’s Blastoise and ToadTina, what does everyone think of Leafeon PLF in here again?

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Oh ya, that makes more sense

Night March has adapted to trainers mail and acro bike which makes the t1 180 10 times as easy so there is no room for it anymore.

Pumpkaboo with a band for a basic psychic energy and muscle band/empoleon will one hit ko a joltik in mirror match

I like Leafeon a lot right now in Expanded. I’ve seen the work it can do against the decks you mentioned, plus other heavy “on board” energy decks such as Metal and Yveltal. I think you would have to sacrifice the penguin line for it to fit, but it could definitely work.

Also what Megas are being played that you don’t get weakness on, except primal groudon, who doing a 2 hit ko on will still let you win if your able to burn through their wobbufett fast enough (which isn’t very hard)

M Manectric, M Houndoom (to some extent), any of the AOR megas, Wailord, anything with Assault Vest etc.

Oh ya forgot mega manectric.