"Night March" Pumpkaboo PHF, Lampent PHF, Joltik PHF // BCR-on


Play Garbodor?
Kick Dimension Valley and play down Ninetales?
Run Aegislash EX?


Landorus EX still tears up this deck too. (if they don’t run Empoleon)


I find it funny that a 30HP basic is giving us so much trouble.


Well, it can do a maximum of (11 x 20) + 30, or (220 + 30) or 250 damage to an EX… Without weakness, either.


Well…the Night Marchers are couple of bosses, but I thought we figured that out already :slight_smile: Unless future sets release cards that say otherwise, I do think that Night March will become one of the best decks in next years format. What if they made a Larvitar with Night March? That would be cool, broken, but cool!


This is a reminder that August set discussion isn’t allowed until sometime in August.


Ninja. I was just gonna say that this deck can’t do anything about Landy bats if it misses the archies


This is the list I’m using. I plan on playing a similar one for nationals, and I’m definitely open to questions, comments, criticism, and suggestions. Thanks in advance!


Nice blinged out list! :wink:


why no archie’s empoleon?


Empoleon was used for a decent attacker/getting your Night Marchers in the discard after you got Trumped. Since you can’t get Trumped anymore, it’s not really worth running. Playing it also runs the risk of decking out.


I still like it against aegislash, really hard to knock out and does 2hkos against it.


Mew works out too. Basic Energy + Dimension Valley means you can Night March. Aegislash needs 3 Metal + Band for KO. Even then you can just respond back.


@OshaWaterBottle explained it perfectly.



I am horribly biased, but what about versus Landorus-EX? My main deck is Landobats and so one of the things I dread is that Empoleon. The increased draw and hitting for Weakness are pretty hard on the match-up. I haven’t had as much success (and I’m talking PTCGO here, so no real success at all XD) with most other decks beyond Landobats, so I can understand if Landobats is now (or rather post-ban is expected to be) unimportant and so not worth the space.

Guess I’m just looking for more details, if possible.


Concerning deck out with Empoleon you could always run a copy of Archen/Tirtouga.


I’ve figured out that in that matchup, you don’t bench Joltiks and just overwhelm them with Mew and Pumpkaboo. With Mime in play, you have to devote 2 Crobats to taking just one prize


Well, except when Silent Lab is in play.

I guess I’m the oddball for including that, but I do.


Silent lab is a one-of, if included at all. I used to include it in my landobats lists, but with a Jirachi, 2 Shaymin, and 4 Zubat, it can be fairly clunky.


I haven’t even tried Shaymin-EX (ROS) in my Landobats list, as it (Shaymin-EX) has let me down so many times I thinking I should go back to saving it for decks where it makes sense to run three or four. I seem to so often have feast/famine scenarios for my hands, including being cluttered by several cards I can’t play down in a single turn (like multiple Supporters plus a VS Seeker).

I run Silent Lab as TecH and it works reasonably well. I am debating whether - especially if I were to switch to the 50 HP Zubat - I might run two Silent Lab. I am not claiming this is the smart play - merely explaining where I am at on the matter (I could easily find out I’m wrong XD). With rotation pending (and thus a probable loss of the Ability Zubat anyway) it might behoove me more to get used to that single Energy Retreat Cost now. Of course, let me finish with the fact that I am playing via the PTCGO - it certainly is a skewed take on the actual metagame.