"Night March" Pumpkaboo PHF, Lampent PHF, Joltik PHF // BCR-on


S’just it though: I’ve got Silent Lab (as a one or two of) in a few of my decks. Plenty of times when it doesn’t make much difference but against Night March it blocks a potential Jirachi-EX and stops Mew-EX already. Yes your opponent has to “get lucky” (or be skilled at reading you), but you’re giving them the avenue to do so.


Slowly getting back into the game, and so far Night March has been by far my favourite deck. This is the list I’m currently running, anything I ought to change?

Pokémon: 19
4 Joltik PHF
4 Pumpkaboo PHF
4 Lampent PHF
3 Mew-EX LTR
1 Shaymin-EX ROS
1 Empoleon DEX
1 Bouffalant PRC

I/S/S: 33
1 Computer Search
4 Ultra Ball
4 Acro Bike
3 VS Seeker
3 Battle Compressor
3 Muscle Band
2 Bicycle
1 Escape Rope

3 N
3 Professor Juniper
1 Lysandre
1 AZ
1 Archie’s Ace in the Hole

3 Dimension Valley

Energy: 8
4 Double Colorless Energy
4 Water Energy


Has AZ worked? I haven’t ever seen it work well, as most, if not all of Night March’s Pokemon, are low HP.


I think it’s to re-use Shaymin


First of all, welcome back! Secondly, your list is a good starting point for the deck post-ROS, but I think it can be refined a bit more. I’d reccomend dropping
1 Mew
2 N
2 Bicycle
1 Muscle Band
1 Water Energy

The third Mew is often unnecessary, as you’ll likely be attacking with a Night Marcherat some point during the game anyways, not Mew every time. As for the N’s, decks running the Archie’s engine typically run very low supporter counts to make sure that you don’t get supporter-clogged hands, which could prevent you from whittling the hand down to Archie’s only if you don’t have the proper means of discarding. 1 N is the perfect amount in my opinion, because you can always VS Seeker it back when you need the disruptive effect, or search it out directly with the Battle Compressor + VS seeker combo. Bicycle seems very counter-intuitive to narrowing your hand down to just Archie’s, so I’d reccomend cutting it for some more consistency cards I’ll list in a moment. The Muscle Band can go for a Silver Bangle, to improve your math with Joltiks and Pumpkaboo. Finally, you really only need 3 water energy, because you often will not be attacking with Attack Command except for after a Trump Card by your opponent.

Now, with 7 open spaces, here’s what I’d add:
1 Professor Juniper
1 Battle Compressor
1 VS Seeker
1 Silver Bangle
1 Dimensional Valley
1 Lysandre’s Trump Card
1 Revive

In a deck that relies on getting Pokemon into the discard, Professor Juniper is by far the best supporter. there’s no reason not to run the full 4. Maxing out on Battle Compressor and VS Seeker serves as a pseudo-supporter search engine, and the full set of Battle Compressor helps you to make Archie’s plays much more easily and get Night Marchers into the discard quickly. As previously mentioned, the Silver Bangle is to make attacking with Joktik, Pumpkaboo, or Empoleon a much more potent option. The fourth Dimension Valley is to ensure that you’ll almost always win the stadium wars, which is important because Mew EX and Pumpkaboo are almost completely reliant on it to attack. I know the Trump Card seems counterintuitive, but there will be many a game in which you’ll come dangerously close to decking yourself out due to the pace of this deck, and Trump Card prevents that from happening. Because you’re running 4 Acro Bike, 4 Battle Compressor, and Empoleon, re-filling your discard pile with Night Marchers should be no problem after the Trump Card. The Revive can be useful when your opponent knocks out all of your Night Marchers in play, so you can get back a Joltik or Pumpkaboo without having to Trump Card + Ultra Ball.

I hope this helped!


With the Edmonton Spring Regionals rolling around soon, I could use some critique on my current Nigh March list! Please say what would be good to add.

4x Pumpkaboo
4x Joltik
4x Lampent
3x Mew EX
1x Empoleon
1x Jirachi EX
1x Mr. Mime

4x Battle Compressor
4x Ultra Ball
4x VS Seeker
4x Muscle Band
4x Trainers’ Mail
1x Dowsing Machine
4x Dimension Valley
4x Professor Sycamore
2x Archie’s Ace in the Hole
2x Lysandre
1x Lysandre’s Trump Card
1x Xerosic
1x Teammates

4x DCE
2x Water Energy

It would be much appreciated if my fellow SixPrizes people could help me, and give me some input!
I’ve been looking to add:
4x Roller Skates
4x Crushing Hammer [Surprise card]
I don’t have any more Empoleon, and I don’t have Computer Search either.
Thank you guys!


-1 vs seeker
+1 N

-1 muscle band
+1 card of choice (roller skates / bicycle > crushing hammer in speed decks


why only 1 empoleon if it’s prized your done


Plenty of cards are run as a single copy in decks. The strategy doesn’t hinge on a fast Empoleon, and the chances of it being Prized are only 10%.


Generally, those cards are out of bounds when I’m changing my deck.


Sadly, I only have one Empoleon.


I don’t really see the point in Shaymin EX. Maybe running darkness energy would be a good idea, to use an opposing Yveltal EX to your advantage


The ban of Trump Card certainly makes this deck more interesting. I thought it still was a good deck with Trump still back in format, but without it, we could see a lot of possibilities.


I think Revive will become at least a 2-of now in this deck due to the ban, so you can prevent all 12 Night Marchers from ending up in the discard.


And Ancient Bunnelby (at the cost of a prize, likely) allows you to put two DCE back in your deck.

Lysandre's Trump Card Banned

If you don’t want to give up the prize you can always play a Life Dew, which also always forces a 7 prize game. Computer Search is still probably better though.


Oh, you could also put Computer Search back in the deck. The Bunnelby puts two cards back into your deck (attacking twice and using Rototiller).
I like Computer Search because this is a deck that relies on DCE if you’re playing any variant other than Mew-EX (which, with Dimensional Valley) allows you to attack with Joltik’s Night March for one energy.

Definitely glad I haven’t completely redone my list, back to the drawing board!


Bunnelby seems decent enough, I certainly like the idea of shuffling back, but missing an attack can be really rough. I’d play it as a 1-of at best, and maybe not play it at all.


Late game, now that there is no way for my opponent to reset my night marchers, this deck is unstoppable. Especially with N still hanging around.


Also, in clutch situations the card can also mill to set your opponent for a deck out. It also acts as bench filler to avoid Target Whistles.