"Night March" Pumpkaboo PHF, Lampent PHF, Joltik PHF // BCR-on


The issue here is that in a normal deck, you don’t have to set up all over again after a Trump Card. That means they’re primed to hit you again, more than likely, and you’ve got no damage potential for 1-2 turns. Combine that with the fact that you’re likely not at 6 cards going into your turn and instead of being like a total reset, it’s a huge setback.


this decks main weakness is toad/garb, if you cant battle compressr or use gourgiest and celebi exs abillity yer screwed. i just dont think night march is very good. i would never play it in any major event, to risky and relies to much on chance.

EDIT: also it is hard to use and your deck could crap out on you easily.


I view this as a good thing. This game needs more challenging, thought inducing decks, and strategies. Other than draw, attach energy, juniper, attack, hope you don’t get N’ed


thats what lock/control decks are for.


Either way, I don’t think that the difficulty of a deck should keep people from playing it, but whateves :stuck_out_tongue:


The buzz around this deck has been understandable. Perhaps the easiest ‘new’ deck to obtain. I’ve been playing the version with Flareon and have had a good time with it. This is what I’ve got from it:

**-**Pumpkaboo needs Valley. Night Marching for CCC is too expensive. The Pokemon in this deck are frail and almost always rely on 2 energy. Losing an attachment/attack because of no Valley is tough, but…
**-**This deck comes back quickly with OHKOs. Even if you fall behind, as long as you have a solid bench and a few N’s you can continue to pull prizes.
**-**Be careful about discarding all your Joltiks. Joltik provides Night March for CC without Valley.
**-**When there are no more Pokemon worth discarding with Battle Compressor, use it to discard Ultra Balls and other Battle Compressors.
**-**Bangle/Band are great for KO reaching, especially in the early game.


what about celebi ex and gourgeist?


I played someone with this deck yesterday, and they completely stomped me.

-From what I saw, my opponent chose not to play any Flareon, instead playing his 4/4/4 Night Marchers with 1 Jirachi Ex and 2 Robo Sub.

He had no trouble setting up a Bangled Pumpkaboo with Dimension Valley, and he was able to get extremely fast starts because of the Skates/Bike combo.

-The aforementioned Robo Sub was a brilliant inclusion on his part. He could still set up his Night Marchers without fear of them getting KO’d.

-He ran 4 Battle Compressor. In both games, he had 6 Night Marchers in the discard ready for 120 by T2.

-The main problem people have discussed with this deck is the fact that all the main attackers are frail Basic Pokémon. In a deck that can hit for stupid damage as quickly as T2, this does not matter much. Because my Pokémon were getting KO’d before I could fully set up, he still had 3 Pumpkaboo in play by the end of both our games.

-This deck fares well in the Prize trade. Seeing as most of the format is EX, and the Pokémon give up only 1 Prize to an Ex’s 2, your opponents have to KO more Night Marchers to win.

All of the above points have prompted me to try this deck out, though I’m still finalising my list so I’m unable to share it atm.


That’s it’s problem against some decks.

Against Garbodor it has no huge Pumpkaboo and can’t use Celebi or Mew. Against Toad, no Compressor/Substitute/Bangle.

I can see how it mullers some decks with a great start, but it has some important match ups which are just awful.


But don’t all decks suffer at the hands of Seismitoad? This is a problem that affects every deck, so you just make the most of when you’re not under Item lock.


Yes, yes I did.

True, but it’s a matter of degree. When you can’t even execute your main strategy of getting Night Marchers in the discard, you’re much more screwed over than a deck which has attackers that can still function. Post-PHF Toad decks should have you under Item lock from turn 2 onwards, and they have no reason at all ever to break it because they are doing sufficient damage and Night March is really struggling to power up its attacks. Where are your Item turns even coming from?

If a deck takes an autoloss from something like Pyroar, it can still be worth the risk. When it takes an autoloss from something as ubiquitous as Toad . . . I don’t think its viable.


That’s why Im testing ways of getting Night Marchers in the discard w/out Trainers


i discovered that xerneas/aromatisse ruins night march. i let them KO xerneas and then used break through on the night marchers and x blst on chandelure and mew ex. they could not set up because i KO’d them to fast. i also put them to seep with malamar ex.


Not included in good Night March lists.


“That’s why Im testing ways of getting Night Marchers in the discard w/out Trainers”

I’m curious. What exactly did you have in mind?


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I think he will use juniper


Well, there’s not much else.

Weavile, I suppose.


Weavile March new meta.


Wow. I think weavile would be a 1-1 tech rather than it’s own deck. Night march>Weavile march for now.


Yea, Weavile’s the main thing I’m testing right now, and it works against Pyroar too.

4/4/4 Lampent/Pumpkaboo/Joltik
1/1 Weavile
1 Jirachi EX

4 Dark
3 Psychic

That’s my Pokémon and Energy line, for my trainers I know there’ll be the 4 Ultra Ball/4 Battle Compressor & usual stuff - I’m still tight on space because I’m trying to keep my 2 Robo Subs in. Supporters are gonna be the 4 Sycamore/3 N, with 1/2 Lysandre and 1 Xerosic with maybe a Shauna and 1/2 VS Seeker. Stadiums are just gonna be 4 DV.