"Night March" Pumpkaboo PHF, Lampent PHF, Joltik PHF // BCR-on


I don’t believe we have seen a really good Quaza/Shaymin list yet, let alone the ones which will be successful. It still takes a little while for decks to become optimized. 90% of the stuff people rush to play on simulators will be awful.

The deck has obvious vulnerabilities to exploit, but we are talking about a Colourless deck with huge Bench space and a fantastic draw engine: it will take techs and subsidiary attackers better than most.

Speed and power count for a lot in this format. Look at how Vir/Gen remained at the top for so long, despite the existence of numerous cards that were supposed to rule it out of contention.


Ya know, I completely forgot about that possibility. Gonna rethink that.

One thing I love about talking with people from other countries is that I get to learn new things. YOLO was the only term I could think of that was closest to what I meant, but the term you suggested is a lot closer. Thanks and apologies.

It is a possibility as in it is something you can do if doing so will end the game with a win, like having 2 prizes left after you just got trumped. Happened once vs a Black Kyurem deck.

Virizion EX as a tech to prevent M Ray from losing a turn of attacks due to sleep, or Virizion EX to load up M Ray with energy? Care to clarify?


Adding Virizion-EX means that’s another EX for not only the field but for the deck. At the basic, you’re “needing” (as people say) 4-3 Mega Rayquaza and 3 Shaymin-EX. For some that’s easier to manage, so, good on you if you can. I forgot that Mega Turbo means you don’t have to add the grass energy. I also see that there aren’t that many basic energy in the Mega Rayquaza decks, and instead those slots are put to other areas.

M Rayquaza-EX (Colorless) Variants // BCR-on

Both are Pokemon-EX.
Higher HP
Good ability that stays in place
Attack that does higher damage and sets up energy on the field

Great ability - though one-time use
Attack returns it to hand
Can use DCE for the attack



I could have sworn that I’ve deleted my post and re-posted it at the Mega Ray thread.

Safer, not more beneficial. I was specifically referring to which is more likely to give up an easy prize. Also, attacks don’t count as long as they are bench sitters. At least, they don’t matter against a Lysandre KO.


Discussing how one deck plays out against another is fine, and this nearly always leads to discussion of how the other deck is built.

We don’t want to be too inflexible about going off topic, because that can kill off good discussion.


For people talking about cobalion vs illumise, I personally prefer cobalion, or bouffalant PRC, which I still think is very underrated as a tech. In terms of Roaring Skies, I think the best way to beat Ray is to get rid of altaria asap. The matchup gets way easier after that, although a thicker altaria line can make it tougher.


If there is an Altaria - I don’t know since technically this set isn’t street legal over here and we certainly don’t have tournament results (and sometimes even those can be misleading). The match-up versus Night March may be a good example of why a Stage 1 Bench-sitter to block Weakness isn’t so hot.

  1. Unless you use Wally your opponent will get at least one attack against you with the potential to hit Weakness.
  2. Swablu is tiny in a format where that is dangerous.
  3. Altaria isn’t much bigger.
  4. Against all the decks where Garbodor w/Garbotoxin is an option, Altaria isn’t useful.


@Otaku, Altaria has Delta Evolution, thus, no need for Wally. The ability to instantly evolve eliminates the second issue, and Garbodor isn’t played much.


Altaria has Delta Evolution, which helps somewhat.

(only somewhat).


You can use Winona for a Swablu and Altaria (& something else), then play Swablu and evolve right away without waiting a turn. Therefore making a 1-1 line in the deck a good choice. (not including the risk of them being prized, I am aware of that).
Delta Evolution sounds VERY helpful to me. Just to add another idea.


I’ve tested my Night March list a bit against Henry Prior’s Ray list (with a 1-1 altaria added in), and it absolutely wouldn’t be an issue if altaria didn’t have delta evo. If Ray doesn’t get the altaria, but does bench the swablu, one of my fav plays was to Lysandre it out, and to use Shaymin EX’s attack with a muscle band to hit the KO, and get the ball rolling for the next turn.


Do you use Shaymin-EX in your Night March deck?


Mew EX, I’d imagine.


Ah, that makes more sense.


I also use Shaymin EX, I don’t see how ability-based draw is bad in a deck that keeps its hand down and runs 3-4 ultra ball. I only play two, though.


The reason I personally wouldn’t play it, is because with night March, your goal is to trade well on prizes. Shaymin is just another EX your opponent can take some cheap KO’s on, which sort of hinders the deck’s purpose


That’s true, but every time they take two prizes on a Shaymin, you get another Night March off without having to find another attacker and energy. I only play two, and I played Jirachi already, (which I cut for one of the shaymin) so I think the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.


Unless Silent Lab becomes a more common play because hey, now people are running either Shaymin-EX or Jirachi-EX or both. Not saying it is going to happen, just that on top of all the other little things, it may become a legitimate play for more decks than it is now.


Silent Lab has definitely been hyped, but I think the deck plays enough extra basics that you don’t have to ever bench it when you don’t have Dimension Valley out.