"Night March" Pumpkaboo PHF, Lampent PHF, Joltik PHF // BCR-on


List: 36
Free space: 24

Pokemon: 12
4 Joltik
4 Pumpkaboo
4 Lampent

Trainers: 8 + 8 + 4 = 20
4 Juniper
4 N

4 Battle Compressor
4 Ultra Ball

4 Dimension Valley (??? If you plan on using Pumpkaboo and/or another Psychic attacker, and acts as a counter stadium)

Energy: 4


Do you have one with Mee EX? Thanks!


That was just a skeleton list.
See above for mine, it’s pretty good.


Here we go!

The multi-colored energy is just a neat addition that I thought would be cool!


Change Life Dew to Computer Search (gets DCE), remove basic energy and change it to VS Seeker, and drop 1 Muscle Band (or 2) for an equivalent amount of Silver Bangle, but not all of the Muscle Bands.


After testing out illumise vs Cobalion a bit, I have to agree not the best choice to go Illumise over cobalion. What about a 1-1 Jolteon line or for a Night March Archie line, a single Cryogonal? Preventing the toad from attacking either forces the switch or could get you a necessary turn of items after a trump


Easier for the Flareon variant where you can add the Jolteon as a one-of. Not recommended for others, but I suppose you could put it in the other variants.

Wait, what? Cryogonal is a basic. You don’t have to use Archie’s on him


I mean in the archie-empoleon variant of night march. SInce you already utilize water energy


You could play Crygonal without using Archie-Empoleon Variant, too.
The question, however, boils down to discarding said Water Energy at the cost of preventing attack.


Any ideas how this deck gets a boost from Roaring Skies anyone?


Shaymin EX as a 2 of or so.


Revive is really good.


Trainers’ Mail will help sift for Battle Compressors and Arco Bikes.


What are your thoughts on Garbodor in the deck? Assuming that Colorless Mega Ray becomes popular, this and revives on your Joltiks will put Mega Ray in a whole world of hurt as it is taking only one prize while you take 2 in every attack. The fact that you can match its speed won’t do it any favors.

You can also go the yolo route of copying Mega Ray’s attack as a last resort, especially after you just got trumped. :wink:


I personally run Jirachi-EX and Mr. Mime, so I won’t run Garbodor. I also perceive that you have no room for a stage-1 that won’t be used for attacking whatsoever.

Assuming you have Mew-EX and it wasn’t KO’d.



@Rakkis157 also assumes that in a deck about filling an 8 Pokémon Bench there won’t be a fall back attacker. Well, that is how I read the post, go ahead and let me know if I got it wrong. ^^’

Joltik seems like it will be vital to the anti-M Rayquaza-EX match-up; the other attackers will have a much harder time scoring a OHKO against the 220HP attacker. Too many Night March Pokémon in play or Prized (let alone if your set-up is incomplete) and your non-Lightning-Type attackers are gonna whiff on the OHKO. You don’t want to attack with Mew-EX except for the win (or other extreme situations): it is a Prize race and you’re not only giving the opponent an easy way to take two Prizes, but with a Pokémon you might fail to OHKO back.


The Garbodor route only really works if your opponent is ONLY running M-Rayquaza-EX as its attacker, as if you make the mistake of running into a Landorus-EX tech in a MRay deck, you have no recourse against it save Tool Retriever and Xerosic if you put Garb into play (No Mime).


That’s why it is a YOLO route. A possibility, not a strategy.

Most (as in 90%) of the people I’ve seen so far are drunk on M Ray’s speed. Forget having backup attackers, some of them are even against having stuff that “deviate” from the strategy of getting M Ray out ASAP, which include, some argue even against Virizion EX. I’m counting for most of them to do that tbh, and I believe with Revive in play you might be able to avoid the issue of Landorus EX.



You do realize with a DCE a Shaymin-EX becomes a fall back attacker.

Unless you’ve got Hard Charm on Joltik. So all you need is a “body” to toss up front and take a hit that is not a Pokémon-EX. If people aren’t running that then just add a Safeguard attacker for gg. XD


I disagree, this is a completely dumb idea and should never be considered. There is no outcome where this is a good course of action, and (in my plays) you never have enough Pokemon on the bench to even consider swinging for the attack. Also, if possible, please refer to an ‘all-out’ as a Hail Mary, as YOLO is a completely unneeded acronym and should not be taken seriously.

Yes, because running Virizion-EX means attaching Grass energy and allows an even easier time if you’re playing a Flareon variant (Of Night March) whereas running other stage 1s is, yes, more difficult to set up and have deck space for, but (personally) I would celebrate if I ran into a Mega Rayquaza-EX deck with Virizion-EX as a variant. Flareon/Raichu would allow a very quick match, and it wouldn’t be in their favor.

I believe Mr. Mime is absolutely vital as every single Pokemon in your deck consists of low-HP (yes, even your precious Mew-EX with a low 120 HP), which means Landorus-EX can ram through two Pokemon a turn. You’re not helping the cause by saying Revive. I would opt to run different cards in my build if there was space.