"Night March" Pumpkaboo PHF, Lampent PHF, Joltik PHF // BCR-on


Okay, so I’m trying to help a friend get competitive, and we’re making him a Night March deck. He has the whole Night March squad (Joltik, Pumpkaboo, Lampent), but no Jiirachi/Mew EX/Flareon. Could anybody help me make a decklist for him? (Assuming he has all the other cards he needs)


What Pokemon does he like? What cards does he have? What does the meta look like?


Personally, Flareon is one of my less favorite ways to play Night March, but to each their own.


What do you prefer instead?


Empoleon, because it’s a very fast deck,for a very st player.


How many Empoleon? 2 or 3? How many Water or Rainbow Energy would you run?


I run 2/1 (Empoleon/Archies), I can usually get the T1 Empoleon.

Water over Rainbow, and I believe I run 5.


Has anyone tried to use Illumise instead of Cobalion ex for mew-ex to versatile with as a tech counter vs toad? Applying confusion is essentially like an equivalent to hipbump that Flareon players occasionally use vs toad. Also can work against Eggz decks


Probably not, as Exeggutor decks usually include Virizion-EX.


@JStensrud [(Jack)][1] has had success using Bouffalant PRC instead of Cobalion EX against Toad. With Dimensional Valley in play, it only cost Mew EX a DCE to use Bouffalant’s Derail attack.

I was thinking this card could be used too:

But coin flips suck.
[1]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6J-TIZNG3U


Most of the time you will be using Mew-EX to copy the attack so Bouffalant is a lot better.


If you think about it, it’s like using Enhanced Hammer vs Crushing Hammer effect as an attack. Crushing Hammers are great if you hit the coin flip, but when you add the fact that your turn ends after the attack either pass/fails, then it’s significantly worst. Bouffalant > FurFrou.


Not sure if that is a good comparison; Crushing Hammer and Enhanced Hammer are co-equals. Yes their individual usefulness waxes and wanes separately, but that’s just the metagame shifting. Neither agreeing nor disagreeing on the actual Pokémon being compared.

I will however issue a caution against the TecH Illumise.

I have heard it suggested before but you lose even the possibility of slapping a Silver Bangle on and scoring 80 damage (or a Muscle Band and 60), Confusion only has a 50% chance of disrupting things even if it sticks around, doesn’t delay setting up another Seismitoad-EX and any trick to get rid of Special Conditions obviously stops it.


You can’t attach Silver Bangle to Cobalion EX…also if the pokemon does 80 dmg with silver bangle then it does 70 dmg with a muscle band. (the difference btw the two is 10 dmg not 20 dmg)


I think @Otaku’s point was that Illumise with a Silver Bangle hits for 80, and Muscle Band with 60. However Mew-EX copying the attack does not allow Weakness (a point of using Illumise) against Seismitoad-EX.


Mew EX can already copy Quaking Punch, Versatile hits both players


What @GhostRegion said, plus me not being convinced that Confusion is anywhere near as good as discarding the Double Colorless Energy that I estimate will be being used to fuel Quaking Punch 90% of the time. Thank you, GhostRegion. My apologies for being unclear in that I had heard of people using Illumise itself before, not including it to be copied by Mew-EX.

My turn to probably miss the real point. Forgive me for being thick but what could Mew-EX copy through copy Imittack that it couldn’t already through Versatile? Edit: Last sentence was really badly worded; fixed it (I hope!). @_@


No you are right. For some reason I got the wording of Versatile confused with the wording of Phantom Gate or Foul Play. As you can see I erased the Kecleon post. Not even sure how being able to use Quaking Punch, Blockade or Vengeance would even give you an advantage…poorly thought out post all around…

Oh, thanks @GhostRegion. I was confused by, “but you lose even the possibility,” like as in as if I use Illumise over Cobalion EX, I lose the possibility of attaching Silver Bangle. Not sure how you lose the possibility to attach Silver Bangle or Muscle Band using Illumise…but I get it now. Thanks.


Well… you almost get it. The confusion comes because we are talking about multiple things at once and they are getting mistaken as one sweeping statement. We are looking at

  1. Using Cobalion-EX to discard Special Energy off of Seismitoad-EX while hitting for 30 damage (base).
  2. Using Illumise (XY: Primal Clash 18/160) to hit for 10 damage (base) and Confuse Seismitoad-EX. I’ll discuss how that base damage gets altered later.
  3. Using Mew-EX to copy an attacker from the Bench, especially against Seismitoad-EX.

When Cobalion-EX attacks a Seismitoad-EX with Righteous Edge it

  • requires [M] to attack
  • Does 30 damage
  • Discards a Special Energy attached to Seismitoad-EX if one is present.

When Illumise attacks a Seisitoad-EX with Twirling Sign it

  • requires [C] to attack
  • Scores double damage via Grass Weakness
  • May be able to attach Silver Bangle for +30 to the damage before Weakness (for an effective +60).

When Mew-EX uses Versatile to copy Righteous Edge the differences are

  • Now dependent upon an Ability
  • 120 HP up front instead of 180
  • Psychic Weakness instead of Fire Weakness
  • Hits Psychic Weakness instead of Metal Weakness (not relevant against Seismitoad-EX)
  • offers greater flexibility and more attackers with Righteous Edge without running more Pokémon.

When Mew-EX uses Versatile to copy Twirling Sign

  • Now dependent upon an Ability.
  • 120 HP Pokémon-EX up front instead of 70 HP “regular” Basic.
  • No longer can use Silver Bangle (unlike Illumise).
  • Hits Psychic Weakness instead of Grass (relevant against Seismitoad-EX).
  • Can use Dimension Valley to attack without Energy.

I simply am not seeing the appeal; if the goal is to attack with Mew-EX and I can’t Night March for a worthwhile KO then the one I want to copy is Seismitoad-EX and its Quaking Punch so that I

  • hit for 30 damage while
  • locking my opponent out of their Items.
  • If DImension Valley is in you get to Quaking Punch for [C] instead of [CC].

I hope this clarifies my position. ^^


I haven’t checked around for Night March lately so I’m not very sure what a current list looks like. My little bro was looking for a cheap deck so NightMarch came to mind almost instantly. If anyone gets the time to get me a good skeleton list. He’s in the Juniors Division, so if that changes anything let me know. Thanks! :smile: