"Night March" Pumpkaboo PHF, Lampent PHF, Joltik PHF // BCR-on


Not as easily. You have to get 9/10 marchers in the discard, where’s you only need 5 with flareon.


Flareon is +10, not 20. That would only add up to 140.


Adding Flareon and Leafeon means you hit more weaknesses, and you’re already trying to get Pokemon in the discard. One of the reasons why I like running Night March - Flareon Variant is that if they Lysandre’s Trump Card I already have an attacker that does 20x, normally higher than discarding as many Night Marchers with Battle Compressor (and the other forms of discarding). It’s not as great as an actual Flareon deck, but it does well enough for me.


Whoops, forgot to mention the Muscle Band or Silver Bangle


Well to be fair that also applies to the opponent, considering mew-ex has a easier time t1 quaking punch (DCE or Basic Energy + D-Valley) and they run less stadiums. So regardless if they get another stadium down their lasers are useless and if they do get one early nbd quaking punch 2-3 times and pay your 1 retreat. I’ve had plenty of times when my opponent pays retreat or just has a hard time getting a 2nd DCE under item lock while I have already milled my deck decently t1 and have D-Valley.


Metal is actually a really annoying matchup. I was playing it R1 of Illinois States, and even though I was able to get a T1 180 on Aggron-EX, the 1-2 Aegislash techs can really screw you over, as I had a Lysandre prized one game and discarded one of my basic energies in a T1 Juniper so that I could get the 180, meaning I had 2 energy left in my deck. I was unable to draw into enough in order to win, as I had to promote Mew-EXs in order to pray for a Basic Energy and a Dimensional Valley (I’ve been seeing a lot of Metal decks playing Shrine of Memories, Silent Lab, or Steel Shelter as counter-stadiums) in order to have a chance at playing and he ran right through me.


I remember my metal matchup I 6-0d him with a hardcharmed Joltik with 2 basic waters.


The matchup is extremely winnable, you just have to know how to play it.

They have a T2 setup at best. You have a T1 setup at best, which is completely do able.


Interesting…I guess I should just play 1 or 2 more Basic energy, I only play one Lightning, one Darkness, and one Fighting. Maybe another Fighting?


Am I allowed to assume Mew-EX?


I think so. I really like this. I might actually even try it in my own night march.


Mew-EX has an easier time using Quaking Punch… so long as the opponent opens with Seismitoad-EX. If we want to get technical, Seismitoad-EX decks require their Seismitoad-EX and a Double Colorless Energy. Mew-EX requires another player Benches a Seismitoad-EX as well, and in this case it is going to be the opponent. After that face, the Mew-EX player can Quaking Punch with either a Double Colorless Energy or a basic Energy card plus Dimension Valley.

Do they run less Stadiums?


Usually, Night March runs 4 Dimension Valley, Toad decks run about 3 Virbank (2-3, and I’ve never seen one with 4)

So yes, you usually win the stadium wars.


Sigh, alright so say your opponent goes first playing a toad deck k? Alright so he doesn’t bench a toad, cool ill just night march his trubbish or swirlix, etc for game gg. Your opponent goes second second obv hes probably gonna put down a toad so I don’t see your point.( And you said bench don’t know exactly what you meant by that but mew can copy the active too)


By now I think you know me enough that sometimes I can read the metagame, other times I misread it severely. With the last set few sets, I find Stadiums more and more important and I don’t think the next set will change that…

…so the three count now, is that just where it is at, where it has been or where it looks to be going?


I played Night March/Empoleon at Idaho states, making top 8, here are my thoughts about Night March.
-I’d play 4 dimension valley pretty much no matter what, it’s absolutely vital to your strategy
-Even if I did play Leafeon (which I was strongly considering,) I wouldn’t put flareon in the deck. It seemed like every time I could use Venegance, Night march would always do more damage. I just don’t really see the use of it in the deck, as it doesn’t really help against metal, (aegislash still blocks it and swings for an ohko with 3 metals) and Virizion is already a fantastic matchup.
-You should always have a gameplan for if you get trump carded, and if you think that your opponent runs toad, (even if they haven’t dropped one, it’s possible they still play it) to prepare for a quaking punch as well. I did this by playing a Bouffalant PRC (very underrated tech BTW, I’d definitely recommend testing it out) to hit for 80-100 for a valley/dce and removing a dce for quaking punch.
-Toad is a rough matchup, as I’m sure you all know, and you generally shouldn’t win it if you aren’t playing a fair amount of dedicated techs, but the beauty of this deck is that you can set up fast enough to beat pretty much every deck there is, and that can apply to Toad. In Idaho, I played against 3 toad decks in swiss, and beat two of them by either getting quick wins (including one T1 180 going second for the donk, that was fun) or by using Bouff. I think that Leafeon is overrated as a tech against toad, since they can still laser and hammer against it, a smart player will drop less energy if they think one is coming against them, and it uses up a large amount of space. For me (assuming I didn’t get the donk) the best route against toad was to copy quaking punch until you get the option of either night marching for KO with stuff you Junipered away, or derailing for 80 and removing their dce. Even so, toad is still a bad matchup. Another option for beating toad is to play grass energy, as well as a Virizion EX, a Genesect EX, and a Shaymin EX, and grass energy (this idea came from the Charizard Lounge). I haven’t tested this, but it seems like an interesting idea.
Here’s the link with my interview for Team Fish Knuckles (contains my list and tournament recap): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6J-TIZNG3U


I assume you’re playing Mew-EX, right?
Did you face any Pyroar?


Just attack with empoleon, don’t see what the big deal is with people worrying about the “auto lose” to a deck no one decent plays.


@JStensrud has already shared his list:

The answer to Pyroar is quite obvious.


To be honest, I didn’t really expect pyroar to have any presence whatsoever at any of the states I went to, and I think there was only one at Idaho, which I didn’t play against. I expected Archie’s to help in the matchup, but I didn’t really consider pyroar to be a deck I would actually have to play against after round 2-3.