"Night March" Pumpkaboo PHF, Lampent PHF, Joltik PHF // BCR-on


Joltik can hit (baby) Yveltal and Yveltal-EX for weakness. Additionally, with a Silver Bangle you only need three Night Marchers in the discard pile do to 180 (3 Night Marches = 60 + 30 (Silver Bangle) = 90, x2 (Yveltal’s weakness) = 180), which KOs the opposing Yveltal(s).

Rarely should anyone consider going for the Eeveelutions deck, unless you’ve played it many times and are prepared to use it. It’s not a simple deck, and it’s not (in my opinion) all that great.


I appreciate the response. I went a little bit off on a limb asking how much better the Night March cards themselves are against Yveltal cards, without a lot of knowledge about the subject, and I’m glad you brought up Joltik + Silver Bangle as I wasn’t aware of that interaction. 3 Night Marches could easily be set up with one Compressor, so a combo like Compressor + Joltik + Bangle + DCE = Knockout Yveltal looks pretty lit actually. The only issue I’d raise with bangle is not having as many interactions with the rest of the deck because of it having to work with non-EX Pokemon.

As for the Eeveelutions deck, I’m not as worried about making it work on a technical play level (I have way too much free time to take care of shit like that,) but it just not being that good would certainly be my first concern with switching over. Ultimately though, the most recurring problem I’ve been having with this deck is beating Seismitoad at all. I would think that even with Leafeon, it would still be an uphill battle at least. I’m the last person on earth that would advocate using anecdotal evidence to promote theory (with little information to work with right now it’s all I have,) I’ve found the only games I’m winning either are them bricking, or me going second and quickly establishing K.O trains.

Last note, I’m sure this has been brought up before, but I’ve also found Lysandre’s Trump Card to be the easiest thing to play around in the world, and only matters if they Seismitoad you in the same turn. It’s just too easy to keep an extra Juniper around or excess Compressors, and being able to use a low-risk technical play aspect to beat what would otherwise be a great thread to the deck for free is amazing.


(For this paragraph: Forewarning: I’m trying to stay relaxed and calm while I type this.)
Not every ‘Night March’ deck requires Mew-EX. The only -EX I run is Jirachi-EX because of it’s versatile (yes, I see a pun formed with Mew-EX) Ability ‘Stellar Guidance’ which allows the search of a supporter from the deck.

Most decks have an uphill battle against Seismitoad-EX. Yes, Leafeon is the best (and relatively the only, excluding the new logic of using this wonderful charm: Illumise that a) hits for weakness, coupled with a Silver Bangle does ((10 + 30)x2) = 80; b) confused the opposing active, and c) requires any energy, which means it’s an energy drop away from use).


If you run Mew EX, why not quaking punch back? Seeing that relatively most of seismitoad relies on items and a low damage output, I don’t see why that is bad when you could build up your discard to do massive night march (depending if you have empoleon or enough sycamore to send things straight to the discard) after a few turns of quaking punch.

Has there been any success with that? I want to try it out. If you run mew EX and dimensional valley, Mew EX can use its attack for no energy when things are tough, even though it won’t get weakness damage. Its smaller in space than a leafeon too.


If you do run Mew-EX, go ahead with using Quaking Punch back.

I’ve tested it and it’s been running pretty well (I have some decks that I’ve created that aren’t meta-worthy and are more of fun decks).

Against certain decks this can stop them for a turn or two (or more, of course). It’s espicially fun against Pyroar, Aegislash-EX, and other certain walls (Sigilyph).

I run an Eeveelution variant (Flareon and Leafeon) which is easy to add a Leafeon to the deck, but I suppose adding another basic (that requires any energy) is fine, too.


Though you could use Jolteon (BWP BW91) or Jolteon [Plasma] if you need to hit Lightning Weakness. The promo Jolteon I listed is better if you plan on running actual Lightning Energy; attach one to Eevee (FFI 80/111), search out and Evolve into Jolteon, drop a Silver Bangle and you can OHKO up to a 180 HP Pokémon-EX (only 120 HP for a non-Pokémon-EX, though). If you have room for Deoxys-EX or just can’t make room for a source of [L] Energy, Jolteon [Plasma] at least gives you a flippy chance of scoring the OHKO.

I don’t think these fit into the popular Flareon decks, though.

So… good against unprepared or under-prepared Seismitoad-EX decks? I want to believe it works, but my experience is that most Seismitoad-EX decks are going to lock Items down ASAP (sometimes they’ll even manage a Startling Megaphone in case you had some Tools already in play) and so Silver Bangle won’t be there most of the time. If they can’t shake Confusion its awesome… but that is the problem; I’ve had other Special Condition inflicting attackers I’ve tried to fall back and use, and the better players/decks almost always managed to shake the Special Conditions and keep up the lock.


No, you won’t find Jolteon in any of the popular Flareon decks, but I’ve seen some people use Jolteon. It doesn’t appear to work as great as running a different Lightning line and not using up the Eevees which are dedicated to Flareon and Leafeon (and others, but less often). Raichu, Dedenne, and even Electrode.

I agree with your second paragraph, however, that Seismitoad-EX decks lock down ASAP, and that better player/decks are able to shake Special Conditions.


Run Mew-Ex hardcharm or muscle band it early, attach water, put down d-valley, Quaking punch once or twice, attach another water, bench mime and then grenade hammer ftw


I choose the Flareon/Leafeon variant, but I’ll consider your argument.

You mean we’re assuming this is in a match against Seismitoad-EX, right? And you have fear of Quaking Punch on the opposing side? What if they Quaking Punch after using Xerosic or Startling Megaphone? You’re without a Pokemon Tool.

Put down Dimensional Valley? Assuming Seismitoad-EX doesn’t play a Virbank City Gym.
‘Quaking Punch once or twice.’ Okay, and we’re not getting KO’d from damage from Hypnotoxic Laser with Virbank, your opponent’s Quaking Punch, or other damagers. Also, what if they use Garbodor to shutdown your Versatile Mew-EX?


Alright Xerosic my tool turn 1 I call worth. havnt seen a megaphone in ages. You run 4 D-valleys so easy to win stadium war, yay laser does 10 dmg now. I played Nightmarch Empoleon day 1 at Texas states and played 5 toad decks and 2 Toad/Yveltal/garbodor. I beat 6 of them losing only to a toad/garbodor after he topdecked Lysandre.


Is your list 4-4-4 Night March and 3 Mew-EX and 1 Mr. Mime? Do you run any draw Items?


I ran 4 Acrobikes, 4 Sycamore 1 N. If u manage to get a hardcharm down and quaking punch him back, so he only does 10 dmg to you each turn,and all his hammers, lasers become useless.


What type of energy?


If you’re running Empoleon, you run water. Nightmarch/Leafeon is pretty good, I wouldn’t run flareon though.


I’m asking about your deck (If I may, of course): What energy do you run?


4 DCE 4 Water, so you can attack with Empoleon or copy it for a solid 2 hit. I only did this once and wouldn’t recommend it but I’ve also grenade hammered to kill my Joltik just to get it in the discard while under item lock, didn’t do much but it looked cool.


What do you mean “I wouldn’t run Flareon”? It KILLS Vir/Gen and Metal Links


A quick note: when engaging in “Theorymon” (which includes discussing currently available cards and not sticking to actual results of statistical significance) remember to compare like versus like.

In this case

  1. Startling Megaphone is on the decline but if something involving Tools dropped before Quaking Punch locks down Items, it is reasonable to conclude it would be added back in. Even if not, when facing 'toad it is reasonable to assume you will not have access to Items at all (even though you sometimes will) since you can’t easily control whether you will or won’t.

2a) Stadium wars are becoming more common; unless you fun five or six Stadium cards, don’t assume your Stadium of choice ends up as the final.

2b) Lysandre’s Trump Card means that even having more Stadiums won’t guarantee you’ll win the Stadium war; your opponent might just keep it going with no one every “winning”.

2c) “Winning” usually means getting the last Stadium in play, but relevant to the discussion is what is in play and when; for example your opponent knocking out a Dimension Valley while your Items are locked means it will be harder to get another out (you lose useful Items like VS Seeker that get the cards to get Dimension Valley as well as needing to use your remaining available resources to get things that normally would have been acquired via Items). There is also the fact that if it is something that can instantly hurt you (such as Virbank City Gym if combined with Poison) means even if you discard it right away with your own Stadium, harm is being done.

Edit: Oh and because even I find such a thing kind of obnoxious, I did the stupid looking “2a, 2b, 2c” thing because in reality its all the same point but subdivided because I think it makes it easier for people to read (than having one monster paragraph).


Quaking Punch is as much of a hindrance to Toad decks as it is to your deck. Without Lasers, Megaphones, Switches, Scoop Ups besides AZ, Float Stones, and if you get to punch fast enough, Tools on their Garbodor, you might be able to work your way by chipping at their HP until they get within KO range of your Night March attack. It’s still at best a 40/60 match up, but at least it isn’t auto lose.

You can say that it all comes down to who starts second.


Do you not already destroy those, though? You outspeed VirGen by a lot and start KOing them on T1/T2, and against Bronzong you just have to be careful with Energy attachments (for Aegislash), and if it’s M Aggron you should win the prize trade anyways.