"Night March" Pumpkaboo PHF, Lampent PHF, Joltik PHF // BCR-on


Last round of the tournament i fought a standard Pyroar deck and ended up winning 2-1 as I was able to get 80 damage OHKOs T1 and the guy couldn’t get to his Trump Card both games (kept Junipering). Is there any way to beat Pyroar outsideo f Empoleon/getting lucky?


There’s very few cases of luck nowadays, it’s always a luck of the draw.


Luck of the draw is still luck… or did I misunderstand?


Sorry, I was thinking about other things when I spoke.

What I meant was ‘There are very few cases of having strategy, you basically rely on luck of the draw.’


Wait, Pyroar still exists?


In the faraway lands known as “the bottom tables”, yes.


Don’t forget the much closer land known as “First two rounds.” It may not be a regular occurrence for everyone, but it seems like at any major event, you’ll find at least a few “good” players that take early losses because “,deck X is no longer/never was any good. No one will be stupid enough to play it, so it doesn’t matter if my deck can counter it.” then first two rounds, they run into at least one “deck X”. :wink:


I’m thinking of running this deck in an upcoming competition. I have either donphan, this or empoleon. The current meta is a lot of seismitoads and V/G. Any advice? I’m swaying toward night march/flareon/leafeon because I added tropius and together with leafeon, can beat toads. Flareon also has the weakness advantage to V/G and trades well. Any primal kyogre/m-aggron will also be beat cos of weakness.


Well, Night March/Flareon/Leafeon is good for anti-Seismitoad and anti-V/G, but you need to run Energy Evolution Eevee because you won’t have access to Items (and possibly abilities assuming Garbodor), but… As I type this I realize that running Night March is useless because you didn’t note any Yveltal-EX/Lugia-EX, or any psychic-weak Pokemon.
If you could tell me if there are additional decks that people run, I could tell you better cards that would work.

With Flareon: You’re running a bunch of anti-meta Pokemon in the deck, so whatever you’re meta consists of you run a counter to using the deck.


Well, Seismitoad and vg are th bulk of the meta right now. The seismitoad users vary. Some use manectric, some use slurpuff etc. there are one or two metal decks too.


Manectric is tricky and there isn’t much of a counter… Well…
Here’s my idea for the list:
4 Eevee
4 Flareon
3 Leafeon
Fighting-weakness Damager

4 Silver Bangle
1 Computer Search
Silent Lab/Something to counter, whatever works that DOES NOT HELP THEM (Fighting Stadium might be your best counter if you don’t run any EXs, though I normally advise Jirachi-EX because it’s amazing. I recommended Silent Lab because (Hawlucha + Silver Bangle) x Weakness = 180.)
4 Double Colorless Energy
Maybe even Rainbow? It’s a stretch… But you could run Donphan for anti-Manectric… But that’s a far stretch.

If someone wants to chime in and offer some words of encouragement or advice, I’d appreciate it. I’m coming up empty because Night March (at least for me) accepts that the Manectric-EX matchup will be hard and I don’t counter it.


I’ve heard of the empoleon thing and I think it’s good, but what does the empoleon do?


Empoleon allows you to draw more cards while sending more Pokemon to your discard pile during each of your turns, improving consistency.


It can also attack, hitting for a fair amount of damage on Landorus EX. In Night March decks, Mew can use its attack to keep hitting in the event where either you have no marcher in play, or just got LTC’d.


Well, it is one of the lower HP Mega Evolutions. A Night March attack with 9 Night Marchers in the discard pile plus a Silver Bangle does it in… which is just one “extra” Night March attacker over what you’re usually trying for and while Seismitoad-EX makes it difficult to do that, if M Manectric-EX (or regular Manectric-EX) are up front and you didn’t use Lysandre on it yourself, then there was no Quaking Punch last turn. ^^’


Well, I have been using straight night march, with empoleon. I run it very risky, trying to 1HKO EXs first turn. I can do that about 10% of the time. Most of the time I go straight to setting up an empoleon first turn. That usually can’t happen FIRST turn, but a lot SECOND turn. I just find seismitoad and Exeggcutor to be problems.

Here is my list

2 x Mew EX
1 x Mew EX
4 x Pumpkaboo
4 x Joltik
4 x Lampent
2 x Empoleon
2 x Jirachi EX
1 x Mr.Mime

1 x Lysandre
4 x Professor Sycamore
1 x N
4 x Ultra Ball
4 x Battle Compressor
4 x Dimension Valley
1 x Escape Rope
2 x Muscle Band
2 x Hard Charm
1 x Archie’s Ace in the Hole
4 x VS Seeker
1 x Computer Search - ACESPEC
3 x Acro Bike

4 x Water Energy - Basic
4 x Double Colorless Energy - Special

To try to counter that quaking punch or any lock move, I want to throw in a Illumise PRC. I am not sure where I have space to do so though.

Illumise is great because you can use its 10 damage attack that confuses for one colorless. With Mew EX and dimensional valley, you can use it without energy. I can’t be sure I see it being very consistent though. Going for a quaking punch with Mew EX might be a better option to stop the seismitoad.

I am not sure how good flareon/leafeon is because I never tested it. Is the speed of straight night march better or worse than the consistency of a flareon deck in an yveltal and seismitoad infested meta?

If you get set up fast enough first turn with night march, you can deal with seismitoad pretty easily, night marching or counter-quaking punching them (which can be good if Mew a hard charm and seismitoad has no tool, but that can be a rare occasion). However, you can get trump carded too. Leafeon can consistentently deal with seismitoad, but I’m not sure if it is worth risking speed I like speed.


Turn 1 Eevee (Energy Evolution) + Grass Energy = Leafeon doing 20x the number of energy attached to all of your opponent’s Pokemon. Three and a Silver Bangle on the Leafeon KOs Seismitoad-EX. Grass + DCE = 60 (on heads = 90) + Silver Bangle = 90.

As shown here, this is how Florida was won: http://www.60cards.net/en/expert-blog/user/604/article/167


As a reminder, just because you can get something done right away doesn’t always make it particularly useful. Leafeon [Plasma] isn’t that strong of an opening move unless your opponent drops Double Colorless Energy and is Grass Weak. Or is an Exeggcute. :wink: After another turn or two (and the Energy attachments one would expect) it becomes amazing.


Yes, I see that leafeon has that knockout potential. It can be quite deadly if you fit it in the deck. However, I am not sure how to fit it into a night march deck. Space is a problem for me. It seems great if flareon is the focus of the deck though. Late game, leafeon will be great. However, I have to push this out of consideration as I don’t own any of the card anyway :frowning: .

Also, my list takes out silver bangle. Putting every card down is a MUST to get archies out, and being stuck with mew EX and silver bangle can be frustrating.

My speed hunger comes from the item lock. Things like setting up leafeon should become (I don’t know the extent because of my lack of testing) difficult when under item-lock. And also, it could take up too much space that in situations, such as in a mirror match, drawing into a card I don’t need could set me behind. There are other decks than seismitoad to worry about too.

So really, what I’m saying is it might not be worth it to jam it ALL into one night march deck. However, I really want to know about that night march that won a states. Did it play flareon/leafeon?

Well, anyway, is it worth adding illumise for tech against seismitoad? It will only take up one space. I just have no idea what to sacrifice.


Another issue is, if we’re to start playing Flareon and Leafeon to counter Seismitoad and V/G, what’s making playing the Night March cards better than just playing the Flareon deck? I suppose the Eeveelutions aren’t the greatest against the Yveltal cards, but is Night March that much better against them? For some context, I’m just getting back into this game and am thinking about picking this deck up for CT states because it’s not expensive, but if it’s not a good call I’ll probably end up borrowing a better deck.