"Night March" Pumpkaboo PHF, Lampent PHF, Joltik PHF // BCR-on


I don’t normally count the number of cards I have left, but I have done both ends of the spectrum, drawing dead for four turns and turn two I’ve had two cards left.
I’m the type of person to opt for searching and/or plain draw instead of discarding my hand or shuffling the cards back, but that’s because I like older formats where there was more plain draw (and sometimes discarding or putting a card on the bottom of the deck, etc).
I, though it may be a bad idea, opt for still drawing some Night Marchers. I tend to opt for stilling have three (2 Joltik/1 Pumpkaboo or 1 Joltik/2 Pumpkaboo) because I don’t want to run out of optimal attackers.

I would rather have my opponent take all six prizes over me decking out. I prefer to prolong games as I may have a chance to win, unless it’s overwhelming odds against me.


Skyla is nice because although I have a 20 card deck, I need either a Dimensional Valley or a Professor’s Letter to win (in some sitatuations). I have the CHANCE of getting it off of a Juniper, but I’d rather not take that chance. Same thing goes for early Battle Compressors to thin out my deck and be able to draw better things from it. Although I will probably get a Battle Compressor or an out to a Battle Compressor from a draw card, I’d rather get the certainty that Skyla affords me.

In the Mew-EX version, Skyla is the key. Skyla grabs you your Dimensional Valleys, your Battle Compressors, your Computer Search for a DCE (to attack by copying from Pumpkaboo), your Professor’s Letter (to attack by copying from Joltik), your Muscle Bands (to prevent the Head Ringer) and any other techs you may put in the deck.


I agree that late game sometimes all you need is a d-valley or energy to win , but that usually happens when they knock out my active with energy and now I have an energy less attacker. In that situation I opt to just vs seeker for teammates. I personally have gotten empoleon by t2 80% of my games that I’m not under item lock that with Acrobike is amazing early game where I go for drawing what I need then a slower search for 1 card.


@FailxNinja your decks appears to be more updated than mine and with more room, would you mind sharing your list?


4 Joltik 4 DCE
4 Pumpkaboo 4 Water
4 Lampent
1 Mr. Mime
1 Jirachi-Ex
3 Mew-Ex
2 Empoleon

4 Sycamore
1 N
1 Archie’s
1 Teammates
1 Lysandre
4 Vs Seeker
3 Ultraball
4 Compressor
4 Acrobike
1 Computer Search
2 Muscle Band
2 Hardcharm
1 Town Map
4 D-Valley
Town map can be replaced with 4th ultra ball or 2nd Lysandre. I like HC for Landy and to win the quaking punch war. Things to consider teching in: a Manectric, Xerosic, Virizion + Grass, Cobalion-ex + Metal, a seismitoad or an escape rope.


I will not dip below 2 N in any deck. Just a personal preference. You’re welcome to do so. Also, I never use more than 2 Bike per game, so an extra is very unnecessary. Thanks though.


I was wrong in the Random Receiver argument, at least for this meta.

Becuase I wanted to make sure I would be able to get a Supporter to use, I cut down on all of my utility supporters until I was at a 4 Juniper/4 Skyla/2 Teammates, and I realized that the utility supporters WILL WIN YOU GAMES in these metas.

Xerosic: I’m a little back and forth on this one, its very good at shutting down Garbodor under Item Lock (I run Mew), but its main function is to remove DCE from Seismitoad. This is INCREDIBLY important, because there is no Special Energy search card that we have (outside of possibly Computer Search). This also lets you recover from LTC+Quaking Punch, and allows you to build up your discard all the while Quaking Punching to not let the Toad player LTC you until you can knock out a lot of Toads.

Lysandre: This is really just for the speed Donphan. Unless you can continuously knock out Phanpys, you will need to Lysandre several Donphans and kill them. I was playing a game with someone like this, and I had to KO 8 ROBO SUBSTITUTES. 8. That is incredible. This is all because I didn’t have any Lysandre to be able to kill the Donphan as it was setting up behind Robo Subs.


It’s a great idea, but now that Seismitoad/Slurpuff is a popular thing, you basically have to pray they don’t Lysandre’s Trump Card, Lysandre, N, Enhanced Hammer your DCE, etc.

I am against ‘surrendering’ but I accept if people just ‘end turn’ over and over if there’s Donphan and they have no way to counter.
Donphan and Gengar-EX are some of the best counters to Night March simply because they can hide on the bench (and promote a zero-prize-card Pokemon).


gave my cousin a basic night march deck to try out and it works well and is not to fancy for a junior but i will make the case for LTC; it is a must have because his deck burned right through the cards and lost to no deck to draw.


Anyone have recommendations on the Darkrai-EX or Fairies matchup?


Use joltik for obscene amounts of damage against Yveltal. Take any cheap prizes you can vs. fairies, and try to race them.


No, if it’s a Darkrai-EX, there’s no way to deal a lot of damage against it through weakness.


So don’t let them get to three energy. I heard lysandre is good.


Sucks when your deck is outdated and your VS Seeker definitely needs improvement… I should get around to up dating my Night March list.


Well I ran pretty much the list I showed you except I added a 2nd Lysandre and an escape rope at Texas states and ended day 1 7-2 at 3rd but we had a 250 people so it ended up being a 2nd round of swiss and I tanked day 2. I swear I played like 9 toads or Yveltal/toad/garbodor, but my list was alright.


The story of every meta…


I expected flareon and Landy/bats though.


A lot of people did. I wasn’t thinking ahead but fortunately for me I wasn’t playing anywhere. >.> Looks like everyone decided “You know what? Forget the hint of variety that was happening… back to what works!” and I can’t say I blame them. Not very fun though. =/


To be fair, that’s just metagaming. If you’re expecting a ton of Landy/Bats, the Toad/Pluff is a really good play, while Baby Yveltal with a Silver Mirror really screws over Flareon, forcing them to attack with (and likely lose) Empoleon, just to take a Prize.


Oh I’m not saying I lost cause of the meta call, so much as I basically lost cause I went on tilt ( didn’t shuffle very well one game and drew like 11 Nightmarchers cause I started rushing)