"Night March" Pumpkaboo PHF, Lampent PHF, Joltik PHF // BCR-on


Some Night march lists can be a little too fast, which can hurt.

Besides, it’s a good counter card in the mirror if they’re really setup and you’re struggling.


Again as someone that never got this deck to work first hand but sees it often enough on the PTCGO, the best Night March decks actually do that after an LTC with some regularity.


I would if there were no opportunity cost, but I’m unsure of the regularity at which I could do so.


It’s worth Techin in, trust me.


I can second this. Having LTC in a NM deck, especially an Empoleon NM deck, can save you from many a tight situation.


As I am no longer going to states/lc’s, here is the list I have been testing and was going to play :

The proxy in row 2 is an acro bike.

Before I go into card choices, some warnings: if you just need something to play for states, this deck isn’t for you. It requires lots of practice and finesse. However, if you were testing it or flareon extensively, you might be able to succeed with it. Lastly, don’t play it in a heavy primal meta.
Without further ado, here are my “questionable” choices:

1 Seismitoad EX: This stupid frog is responsible for our Flareon and mirror matches. Early game, if you trump card AND quaking punch in the same turn, it will be an uphill battle for the opponent. Both of these decks have their own way of dealing with Toad. Against Flareon, they will leafeon us. This can be solved by using quaking punch with mew. They can no longer hit for weakness. Against Night March, they will quaking punch us back, but to less effect as they are item locked. Still, we need to be wary of this, as it can hurt.
1 Mr. Mime: Great against LandyBats, as it now take as 2 Crobat to KO a benched Pumpkaboo, the preferred Might Marcher in this match.
3 Ultra Ball: 4 is overkill, as we have lots or draw/search cards.
3 Muscle Band, 1 Silver Bangle: This may seem like a lot, but are very needed early game and after a Trump Card.
1 Lysandre’s Trump Card: Mainly used to prevent decking, but is also useful against graveyard-based decks.
Empoleon(plus) Archie: Hitting for weakness against a popular deck with built in draw support seems good.
1 Teammates: While not as useful In this as Flareon, a reusable double Cputer Search seems good.
Water as our basic energy: Grenade hammer and Attack command are part of our deck. I suggest that we use them.
WHAT DIDN’T MAKE THE CUT: Town map, 2nd empoleon, Exeggcute, 2nd Escape Rope, 3rd N.


My list is TheCharizardLounge’s, except I took out 2 Hard Charm for 4th Acro and 4th Ultra. I ended up playing against Toad but I benched him out.


I’d take out the second N for something else. I find myself not using, and not wanting to use the single copy I have. It’s not too good given that you will take 2 prizes on your first turn about 80% of the time.


OMG @OshaWaterBottle sharing a list?! The world is ending!


Who’d you play against?


I’ve actually taken out all of my Ns for Skyla and Random Receivers, as I found N was simply too weak.


Ethan and Michael. Vs Ethan I got out t1 Empoleon and 7 Night Marchers in the discard. I copied Quaking Punch and he couldn’t get out another basic. Michael we ID’d haha. The deck is consistent but I wouldn’t play it at states because I’m afraid to.


Only 2 rounds? That seems a bit low.


I got a bye the first round haha


Ahhh, lucky. I’ve never gotten a bye, ever.
@tototavros I have 2 N’s. Are you suggesting I run a 1-1 RR/Skyla count?
Never mind.


I’d recommend running as many outs to a Battle Compressor/Dimensional Valley/Computer Search as you can, as those are the cards that you depend on. Thus, I like a VERY heavy count of VS Seeker, Ultra Ball (for Jirachi-EX), and Skyla. Random Receiver is just another out. If you were running several utility supporters I’d just stick with N, but if you aren’t, it’s another out.


No you don’t need a heavy count of skyla, you don’t even need skyla at all.
@Darksripe2 Run 1 N and 4 Acrobike (Can’t tell how many you have)


@FailxNinja, if the majority of your deck is Trainers (Items, Stadiums, Supporters, and Tools) I’d run Skyla. There is not a better alternative. I run 2, because there is always something I will search the deck for.


@GhostRegion Why would I need skyla when 80% of the time by turn 2-3 I only have 15-20 Cards left in my deck ( Not counting under item lock ofc)


For example if the majority of your deck is items you can play this turn. You know what you do you literally play all the items. Now what do you do? Do you skyla for 1 more item or sycamore for 7 more cards allowing you to get even more items.(Given the fact that battle compressors have already thinned you deck of Pokemon thus increasing the chances of drawing items)