"Night March" Pumpkaboo PHF, Lampent PHF, Joltik PHF // BCR-on


Alright, I noticed that nobody actually put this up yet, so here it is!

Pokémon: 18
4 Joltik PHF
4 Pumpkaboo PHF
3 Evee PLF
2 Flareon PLF
1 Leafeon PLF
4 Lampent PHF
1 Mr. Mime PLF

TSS: 34
4 Professor Sycamore
4 N
3 Lysandre
2 Skyla
4 Battle Compressor
4 Ultra ball
4 Muscle band
1 Head ringer
2 Vs. Seeker
4 Dimensional valley
1 Computer Search ACE SPEC

Energy: 8
4 Grass
4 Double Colourless Energy

Strategy: Get most of your Night marchers in the discard pile, and set up Gourgeist with a Grass [rainbow] energy to give it 200 HP and use Celebi EX and Dimensional valley to do a crap ton of damage for a DCE.

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Why use Litwick? It doesn’t have night march and Lampent isn’t as good as Gourgeist when it’s set up. Instead of rainbow and psychic use grass. Also why not run Virizion it blocks special conditions. Also get rid of Dimensional Valley and add in Lasers and Virbanks it’ll help add damage. I guess it helps with getting Gourgeist set up but you’ll need a grass to active the ability anyway. Also you should probably run at least 2 Lysandre a gust effect is so good.


I run DV so I can attack with 2 energy as opposed to 3.


I have played this, and the Gorgeist honestly doesn’t work as well as just going Pumpkaboo. If your opponent Lysandre’s out Celebi and you fail to get out another one, you are pretty much screwed. Not to mention you then get space to run Flareon and Leafeon.


I’m open to suggestions, so Take out the 2 Gourgeist for Flareon?


I would drop 2 Virizion, 2 Celebi, 2 Gorgeist for 3 Eevee, 2 Flareon, and 1 Leafeon. I am also seeing a lack of energy in your deck.


alright, but the problem is now Leafeon and Flareon have the most HP, [100 at that] so I need a way to stop myself from Being OHKO’d.


The deck does a pretty good job at trading with EX’s (7 Night Marchers in discard + a Bangle = KO on 170HP) So getting OHKO’d is fine by me since I am getting 2 for 1.


Fair. This deck reminds me a bit of T-1 Shuppet.


If opponents deck hits fast, aka, ohko every turn possible, then this comes down to 1 prize, else they get lit up. Toad can be tricky…

Here’s a very consistent version I’ve been playing:

4 Pumpkaboo (PF 44)
4 Joltik (PF 26)
4 Lampent (PF 42)
3 Eevee (FI 80)
3 Flareon (PF 12)
1 Jirachi EX (PB 60)
1 Mr. Mime (PF 47)

3 Professor Sycamore (XY 122)
3 N (NV 101)
1 Colress (PS 118)
4 Roller Skates (XY 125)
4 Bicycle (PS 117)

4 Battle Compressor (PF 92)
4 Ultra Ball (FF 99)
2 Skyla (BC 134)
2 Dimension Valley (PF 93)
1 Professor’s Letter (XY 123)
1 Computer Search (BC 137)
1 Silver Bangle (PB 88)
1 Lysandre (FF 104)
1 Switch (BW 104)

4 Double Colorless Energy (PF 111)
4 Fire Energy (XY 133)


Play Mew and Dimensional Valley. Much better than what your using atm.


Did we ever get a ruling on mew and dv?


Ugh. No. They keep ignoring my question. But I only assume thats because they dont know yet.


What about a garbodor line for this deck? Just to shut down some decks like trevenant/Pyroar keeping you from playing battle compressor/other stuff and doing damage with night marchers


Not good link here as Dimension Valley doesn’t say printed.


Yes and give up an extra prize when mew is already gonna get ko’d the exact same as pumpkaboo. I see that you can save pumpkaboo from getting ko’d so you don’t have to bench as many but ill take the tiny bit of less damage over giving up an extra prize.


the main weakness of this deck is Lysandre’s Trump Card…since people will be running lots of VS seeker…it makes just running 1 trump card devastating to this deck…the only real way around it is to somehow stall using robo sub or have some kind of item based draw engine that gets you through half your deck in one turn…and then sesmitoad kills you…


dont run DV, your going to have a grass energy on gourgeist anyway so run training center and silver bangle to make gourgeist have 230 HP and dont run litwick cause your not gonna use lampent. also use 3 celebi ex.


It’s not as bad as you think, because you get your battle compressors back, so you can just start again.


That’s true…one trump card isn’t that bad, and in fact I’ve started running one in my nightmarch deck because it’s so easy to deck out, but if they keep hitting them over and over with VS Seeker you can’t keep up, you just don’t draw into the compressors enough. But if they aren’t running trump card or seismitoad EX or trevenant…this deck absolutely owns everything else…