New to the competitive scene


So, I’m coming from MagicTG and I’ve been playing pokemon for years. Even downloaded the TCG app and bought those deck boxes that come with 60 cards etc. but, I want to get into the competitive. Where do I start? Where do I go to check the best decks/cards? What are the threats? Where do i go for the latest news on cards being banned? So many questions! Thanks for the help :smile:

Returning player confused on the meta

If you are looking for a very competitive, but relatively cheap deck, go with Night March.
It is a fun and competitive deck that can probably be bought for less that $50 CAD ($40 USD)
For news regarding the PTCG, PokeBeach is a very good and reliable site, and underlines many key things that are necessary to play.
Many new decks and concepts/ideas are thoroughly outlined and explained in this sites’ articles. Some of these articles are for people who pay to be part of the UnderGround program, which allows you to view the whole article.
And cards do not get banned very often. You just managed to come at the exact time that the first (pretty much) card was banned, so don’t expect Pokemon to keep banning more cards.
I hope this was helpful :slight_smile:


Very helpful! I appreciate it! :smile: I’ve seen Night March on TCG app. It’s boring tho haha. But effective tbh.


Here is a list of popular pokemon tcg websites and popular youtubers that post about pokemon tcg.


Welcome to competitive Pokémon then. :slight_smile:

So the short version is how quickly do you want to climb the competitive ranks? I favor easing into it myself, starting with a few months (maybe even an entire year) of focusing on Pre-Releases and Pokémon League. This lets you build your skills (including the ones you need to “tweak” from prior TCGs) as well as your collection at a good pace. Faster is possible, but carries more risks as you’ll need to invest a lot more and get “good” fast or it’ll be pretty disappointing.