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Hello Everyone,

I’ve played some TCGames since late 90’s mostly with friends. Now after all those years some friends started playing PTCGO because of their kids, and invited me to remember the funny old days. We had some fun, but getting beat by their kids is not cool at all, so I decided to raise my play level (besides basic decks)

I’m a kind of guy who likes to build stuff by my own, not only getting top decks or famous ones, so I’ve searched on internet about the game basic information, strategy and deck-building. The main problem I face is basic information is too basic that bares the retard level and medium-advanced level edges the full knowledge of game/meta.

As I remember before building a deck you need to decide the play style/strategy (ie. Control, Burst Damage, Poison…etc), maybe those names I’ve used are not the same used here in PTCG, but I hope you understand my meaning. That being said, I’m trying to figure out what are the strategies available here so I can decide what strategy I will use. Mostly my play style is the annoying type deck with damage over time, denial, control.

So I would like to know if you can explain to me the strategies available with some cards as example or provide me a link of this clear information. Searching on internet is not a very easy stuff at the moment since I live in China, and google is blocked, so similar search not so good or bringing up to date info. Also I would like to ask sorry about my English, it’s not my mother language.


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After recently attending the world championships, I can say the majority of decks are what you would call “burst damage”. Night march is a good cheap deck that does a lot of damage reliably super fast, Vespiquen Vileplume also achieves that, but at the cost of some consistency can lock your opponent out of items, this deck would be sort of a mix between “control” and “burst damage”. The format is in the hole right now so you wont get much more diversity than Vileplume variants and night march, Zoroark is a reliable deck that does decent damage with great consistency, and a Mega Audino deck won worlds for masters, these kind of go against the flow so you might have more fun there.

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Flygon from Boundaries Crossed is always a fun card. That card allows you to spread damage on the opponents field in between turns as an ability, so for no energy. The Crobat line from Phantom Forces also puts damage down when you evolve them. Not sure if you are looking for “in format” things but these are some nice spread options. @ShealynMillay and I built a fun deck a couple months ago using these cards and another stage two; Dusknoir from Boundaries Crossed. The deck involved no energy and relies on massive spread damage over turns to end up KOing Pokemon over time, or all at once. Hope this helps and good luck!


@ShealynMillay @jirachi123 Thanks a lot for the info. It seems mostly the strategy is bound to the pokemon we choose, so I think I will have to check/read a lot of pokemon cards to know how to combine.

I will check those cards you mentioned. If some more ideas appear let me know. Also I forgot to say I would like to stay with standard decks.

Also is there a way to prevent your opponent to use so much trainer, tool ?

Ok so… First of all the cards I mentioned are not in the standard format. Sorry. Second, Vileplume from ancient origins prevents both players from using item cards while it is on the field.

I’ve checked the PTCGO and crobat and dusknoir are stated as standard…I though was wierd…

You may have looked up the wrong fly gob, this one has the sand slammer ability
The rotation won’t take place until September first so Crobat is still in standard format until then

So, in september first we have a new rotation (mean new ruleset for cards) ? Those will be only XY, or some XY will also be moved out ?

The format will be PRC-STS. (Primal Clash onwards)

Got it @ccloughley. Now I can check what more ideas I can have.

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