"New Kids on the Block" – Reshizard & Friends, Turbo Pikarom, QuagNag, and Both Blacephalon on the Spotlight

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Great first article! I noticed no real mention of Zapdos/Jirachi (ultra beasts or otherwise) in your discussions of matchups and meta. Is it just not prevalent in the Brazilian metagame or is there something you think takes it below Tier 2 status?

What is the use of Blacephalon-GX in baby Blacephalon? Is it for the GX Attack, or for a big game end attack?

Hi Nabeel! The truth is that I missed to put Zapdos/Beast in tier 1 list for some reason. I already fixed.

Zapdos/Beast is still a Tier 1 deck because you have Buzzwole Baby and Tapu Koko GX to deal with Pikarom and Nihillego Baby and Tapu Koko GX to deal with Reshizard, along with the famous and strong combo Jirachi and Zapdos.

On the other hand, straight Zapdos/Jirachi is weak in the meta, because the deck is just too linear, don’t have any other way besides Tapu Koko GX to do a One Hit K.O. and most decks can play around it. Reshizard can clean the Zapdos damage with Miltank, for example.

Thanks for the question!

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Hi Teammonre!

Blacephalon GX is mainly for the GX attack. The Baby Blacephalon deck is strong, but have limited resources. If you play against a Non-GX focused deck, like Zapdos, you will find yourself without energy and Fire Crystal to finish the game and get the lasts prizes, so Blacephalon GX attack can get a prize for a cheap attack cost.

In some strange situations like when a Dawn Wings Necrozma GX attack is activated or Lusamine Prism Star is activated, Blacephalon GX attack can get a prize in a turn where you couldn’t do anything.

Lastly, Blacephalon GX is decent attacker searchable in Ultra Space that don’t need energies in hand, but energies on board, so this can save you in moments that you miss the necessary energies in hand.

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