New Deck Concept-Porygon-Z/Crobat/Servine?


I have tried making a deck with Porygon-Z from AOR,and have made it as consistent as possible.Here is my list:
4x Porygon AOR
1x Porygon-2 AOR
3x Porygon-Z AOR
2x Snivy FCO
2x Servine FCO
4x Zubat PHF
4x Golbat PHF
4x Crobat PHF
1x Shaymin EX
24 Pokemon

Devolution Spray x4
Rare Candy x4
Ultra Ball x4
VS Seeker x2
Trainers’ Mail x4
Town Map x1
Shadow Circle x4
Xerosic x1
Prof. Birch’s Observations x4
AZ x1
Deliquent x1
29 Trainers

Dark Energy x7
7 Energy

How do you guys think this deck would do at Regionals/Nationals/Worlds?

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