Need some help with budget decks

My friend and I want to get back into pokemon but we havent played since Next Destinies and Dark rush. So we were wondering where would be a great starting point to get back into the game im thinking if theres any new budget decks with sun and moon cards cause we dont know when next rotation is or if there is one

Try a cheap passmisian deck. PTCGRadio should have a cheap list on YouTube for you.

Thanks gonna check it out! Do they have more budget decks aswell?! We’re looking to build two!

Sylveon-GX is a relatively cheap deck to build, since lists don’t generally include Shaymin or Tapu Lele, the two big money cards right now. Regular Art Sylveon-GXes only cost somewhere in the area of $5 last I checked.

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Sylveons are $8 at the moment and then the rest of the cards are relatively cheap

If you play a gyarados deck with octillery instead of shaymin or Tapu Lele, that would be budget. I think that Christopher just made an article on it. Go check that out.

Why not Golisopod? Have no a lot of life, but have a great attack and should be also speed. Whit Choice Band+Kukui+Field Blower can do OHKO to a lot of opponents.

It could be good, but that is a lot to take knockouts against only a certain type of Pokémon. Could work though, you’ll need to test it.