Need help trying to figure out types that go well together for 2 decks!


Sometimes now you can find shaymin ex for 25$ on eBay


I was browsing and couldn’t find anything too cheap, I’ll have to stick with my octillerys


I’m not sure if they have shipping costs.


Is that Website reputable? Just wondering, I’ve only ordered from Troll and Toad and also Amazon


A 2-2 line of legal Golbats/Crobats is in the new Darkrai vs Mewtwo battle arena, which can have a lot of the cards you could be looking for. You would still have to rely on pulling luck for the legal Zubats which, if your luck is anything like mine, could be brutal for getting common and uncommon cards you need.

I prefer to use TCG Player:

Two Shaymins for $65 USD including international shipping, which to me is pretty good.


I may just buy one and have a 1 1 line for octillery.


The site is very reputable. I’ve even been to their store and bought cards from them there.


This is a decent list for landorus/Lucario-EX/bats with octillery


That does seem pretty good from what I can see. Question is where can I find VS seekers that don’t cost 7 bucks?


Unfortunately, that may be near impossible. Unless someone on eBay is selling a playset for >$25 or singles for >$6 each


How likely would it be to pull some out of Phantom Forces Boosters? I’m in need of bats of other trainers


It’s an uncommon, so out of 36, you’ll most likely pull at least 3.


That seems enough for me, I think I got 2 or so around


You should get ~4…Idk, that’s just what everyone says, unless they shortprinted


I watched Phantom Forces Booster box opening and the person got around 3 VS seekers.


Think about it for a sec, you already got 2 vs seekers, and on eBay they cost about 6$. thats 12$. A 4-4-4 line of bats on eBay should cost about 25$. 25+12=33. And while opening the packs, you may only get a 4-3-1 line or something like that, so you’ll have to add an extra 5$ to the price. So now it’s basically what’s better prices, 105-110$ or 33$.


You are correct, but he is also trying to obtain all the other PHF staple trainers (Battle Compressor, AZ, etc.), as well as some Pokemon (Bronzong, Night March stuff etc.), and some ultra rates, which all have seen results at some point in time. I’d stick with getting the box. Also, once you get the box, you know which singles you need to buy after seeing your pulls.


But you’re completely removing the possibility of pulling things like SR Dialga, SR MMan, etc.
Those things EACH add $20 to what you get out of it, as well as Bronzongs, Battle Comps, Sycamores, etc.


I think I’ll go with the Phantom Forces, once I order it I’ll have to remember to show the pulls!

PS: Is Collectors Cache any good? They got a box in for 89


I’ve heard PTCGRadio speak well of them, haven’t heard anywhere else.