Need help trying to figure out types that go well together for 2 decks!


I guess the only option I have right now is to attempt to pull one out of Roaring Skies.


Yeah I guess so, but DO NOT go to Walmart and by a billion packs, just maybe a couple here and there or if you win some for free but that’s IT. Still try trading though because that can sometimes work. But the best way is always to just buy it. Maybe save your money, and remember Christmas is around the corner. :wink:


I mean, if you’re just starting out, you don’t absolutely need Shaymin, especially in Lucario/Bats. I assume you don’t have a complete grasp of competitive deck building. This article is very old and I wouldn’t use any of the advice on individual cards/decks, but it should get you thinking about the basics of deck building.
You’re asking about adding adding Mewtwo EX BKT to your deck, and like Chipadat said, it’s not the greatest idea. The reason why is because you want your deck to be as focused as possible so you’re always drawing the cards you want and doing what your deck wants to do. In Lucario/Hawlucha/Crobat, the idea is to use low energy attackers to deal lots of damage and use Golbat and Crobat’s abilities to finish off knockouts. None of the Mewtwo EX from BKT do a ton of damage without heavy investment, so they don’t fit into the deck. It’s a good deck to start out with, because it focuses on dealing lots of damage quickly and doesn’t do much else. I’m sure you could find more than a few deck lists just by googling “Lucario Crobat”. Replace Shaymin with draw cards or Level/Ultra Ball, and you’re looking good!


I would definitely reverse the Hawlucha and Lucario lines. You will be attacking with Hawlucha a lot because of all the EX decks that are popular right now.


The only possible alternative would be a line of Octillery from BREAKthrough:

A 2-2, 2-1, or 1-1 line would probably be enough. Please don’t add water Energy. Octillery is there to use Abyssal, and that’s it.

Shaymin-EX does what Octillery does on a basic, but only when you play it down from your hand. It’s amazing 1-turn burst draw that everyone plays.

As for Dark and Fire, well, there isn’t really any justification to putting the two together. Cards need to have powerful synergy to work properly together at high level. The ONLY thing I could see working would be using This Charizard:

With this Zoroark:

And use Zoroark’s Ability, Stand in, to constantly reset the “This Pokémon can’t use Combustion Blast again next turn” effect.


I was just going to suggest Octillery. A guy at league plays a Zoroark BREAK deck, and he said he replaced his Shaymin in the deck because it makes his deck so much more consistent (he has consistently pulled a Maxie’s Hidden Ball Trick every time I’ve played him). Plus Octillery being $5 for a single is easier to swallow than paying $40-$50 for a single card, especially if you’re working on a limited budget, and you can easily trade for the Remoraid.


Unless you are lucky, this is likely to be the most expensive way of getting a Shaymin.

The odds of pulling one in a random pack are so low that the rational thing to do is save the money you spend on packs and just use it to buy the Shaymin. Not fun, I know, but that’s the way it is.


If you don’t plan in playing in tournaments, you can always just proxy the Shaymins. If you plan on tournament play, though, you can’t use proxies. Unless you proxy them or pay the $40-50, I would go with Octilery.


Sorry guys, apparently I was only able to make so many replies before I got restricted for 24 hours.
For the Lucario Bats deck I guess I can put in an Octillery What would the line be though? 1 and 1?

Trainers though, I would assume I’d need some which allow me to take the bats out to reapply them for more damage, what do you suggest?


I suggest, yeah a 1-1 or 2-2 Octillery line. To get the bats back I suggest 1 AZ and 3 Super Scoop Up so you can return the bats to your hand and reapply the damage.


4 Sycamores, Rare candy wouldn’t be good since evolving both forms of bat would get the most damage, maybe a few Evosodas, Skylas, and some others that let me control what I get


If you read carefully, the bat’s abilities only work if you evolve from your hand.
If you read evosoda, it evolves from your deck.
So evosoda won’t work.
Trainers I recommend for Lucario Bats:
-Korrina (replace any Skyla for these)
-Level Ball
-Ultra Ball
-Super Scoop Up
-Muscle Band
-Fighting Stadium
-Vs Seeker
These are basically staples in all Fighting/Bats decks.
Try sticking to only Fighting Pokemon to attack, and bats for extra damage. Looking at Mewtwo, it does nothing to help.
A weird way to look at getting Shaymin:
You are scared to spend $50 on a card. So you go to the store and buy 10 packs. You pull nothing. Those 10 packs wasted you $42-43, if you spent the $50, it guarantees you a Shaymin. This is equivalent to what @baby_mario said.
If you think you won’t ever get Shaymin, Octillery is the way to go.
I would recommend abandoning the Fire/Dark idea. Currently, there are no Pokemon with those 2 types who have synchronizing combinations. Perhaps in the future.
Those are my 2 cents.


Nice! Thanks for all the info, I’ll probably do that then! What other type synergies with Dark or Fire? I can lose one of the types for the other.


Definitely Dark.
Yveltal EX has always bombed the Expanded format since its release, and it’s picking up again in Standard Format cities. I even played Yveltal for Regionals.
Fire isn’t doing to well right now. You might see it in Top 4 of a cities, but that’s it. While Yveltal is winning tournaments all over the place right now.
Cards for Yveltal:
-Muscle Band
-Hex Maniac
-Maxie/Gallade BRT combo
-Double Colorless Energy
-“Baby” Yveltal (Regular Yveltal for XY set with 130 HP)
-Darkrai EX
-Dark Patch
-Keldeo/Float Stone combo


Types in Pokemon don’t really have syngery with each other, like they may do in other card games. The most that happens is that they will cover Weakness (i.e.: if your Lightning deck is all Weak to Fighting, a Psychic Pokemon may be useful). However, this shouldn’t be the basis for building a deck.


I’ve been playing Pokemon TCG for a little under a year, I’m still trying to learn what cards work best with others as this is my first TCG I ever played and all of this is new to me! I’ll probably just build that bats deck soon and look into the Yveltal deck some other time


Alright, I was going through my collection and came across 2 octillerys. Now all I have to do is find some bats


If you want Fire, you can get Vespiquen/Flareon in expanded.


Where can I find a deck list of Flareon variants?


There was a list in a free section of a recent (i.e. this season) article somewhere…