Need help trying to figure out types that go well together for 2 decks!

Hey guys, I’m trying to make 2 separate decks with 2 different types in each. The types I want to use are Psychic, Fire, Fighting, and Dark. I originally thought Psychic and Fire then Dark and Fighting together. So many people do Psychic and Fighting while I have a few Mewtwo EX’s and Lucario EX’s that would be pretty crazy. What’s your feedback? What 2 types should be in 1 deck and what other 2 types should go in the other? What are some pokemon you would suggest to put in the decks? THANKS A TON!

If you want to go fighting psychic, then Lucario/ Crobat is probably the best choice (for expanded, Landorus EX/Crobat is basically a better version of the deck).

Okay, how does crobat help? Which card in particular would do the trick?
How does Fire Dark work? I assume Pyroars and Yveltals

Crobat and its pre evo Golbat are used to add extra damage to your opponents board, while Lucario and Hawlucha continuously pile on damage for cheap energy costs.

The goal is to quickly overwhelm your opponent with damage and take quick prizes.

Which Crobat and Hawlucha are you talking about? Is it in furious fists?
Also, would you consider adding a Mewtwo EX from Breakthrough into the deck?

Crobat from Phantom Forces and Hawlucha from furious fists. I would definitely not add Mewtwo to the deck, as it really wouldn’t do much for you. By the way, most of these cards will pop right up when you search them on google, so you can see what they do. Also, I would not even think about running Pyroar FLF. It just isn’t good right now in this format.

Okay, thanks! Besides the Crobat Hawlucha, and Lucario EX, what other offensive and support pokemon should I use? I was thinking the Gengar from Breakthrough since he has the move which kills any pokemon with 30 counters or more

Running two stage two lines is very difficult to do. Usually, Hawlucha along with Lucario should usually be enough. If you really wanted another attacker, Landorus FUF or Miltank FLF will do.

I may do Miltank, just since he has that powerful friends move. For energies I would assume 4 Psy, 4, fighting, then like 3 DCR?

You actually play no psychic because the bat line has all colorless attacks.Besides, the bats are there for their ability, not to attack.

Basically Crobat’s ability activates when you play him to evolve the previous form of him right? If so, only doing 30 for that one Crobat isn’t very much

You also get the 20 Golbat provides. Once you get multiple Zubats down, evolving into multiple Golbats and then multiple Crobats can be devastating. You really have to play the deck to understand it’s power.

Wait, so the 20 and 30 can hit any of my opponents pokemon? If so I can see the potential in that. Also, If I had a muscle band on a zubat, would the golbat do 40 for his ability?

The muscle band only works for attacks on the Pokémon, which you will rarely use on any of the bats, only in the most desperate situations. I’ve been playing this deck lately and I think it’s brilliant, I also think the Miltank is a great idea, it’s a great one prize attacker for against non-ex decks (such as Vespiquen) so you can get a more fair of a prize trade. It also works great against Regice.

Now, how many Zubat, golbats, and crobats should I have going on a deck? Along with Halucha and Lucario EX? Just curous, I tend to put too many pokemon in decks.

Your Pokémon lineup should look similar to this:

3 Lucario EX
4 Zubat
3 Golbat
3 Crobat
2 Hawlucha
2 Shaymin EX
1 Miltank (your choice)

What do the Shaymin do for the deck? Sorry, but what energies and how many should I put? I got a few fighting energy laying around

The Shaymin let you (whenever you play it on your bench) to draw up to 6 cards in your hand. It’s an amazing card that is pretty much a staple in every deck now. I will warn you though that this card can cost between $40-$50 EACH. For the energies you should have 4 Strong energy and 4-5 fighting energy.

I wish I can afford a Shaymin. Why are they so expensive? Is there any alternatives I can use rather than Shaymin?

There really aren’t any good alternatives that can replace Shaymin. The only thing close to it would be Slurpuff, but that’s an evolution line that would take up too much space in the deck. If you play in expanded then I guess Jirachi EX could work which is only like $10 instead of $40-$50. But I think Shaymin is a MUST, NOTHING CAN REPLACE IT. If you don’t have any then you’re better off running 0 then trying to put a bulky stage one line that doesn’t even compare to the power of Shaymin. If you can’t afford it I get it, many people can’t, most people got their 4 Shaymins when they were half as cheap when the set first came out. Your best chance of finding one is to pull it out of a pack or trade for it (which more than likely no one will trade them unless they have tons)