Need help for States Testing

In my area, the league I play in does not play a lot of Yveltal. I feel like the states I go to is going to have a good amount of Yveltal in meta, so I really need to playtest against all different kinds of Yveltal decks. If anyone can help me that would be awesome. Just pm me and let me know.

Apologies to those wondering, I do not have PTCGO, but it’s probably something I should invest in.

ID love to help right now in Playtcg. Want me to play Yveltal?

Do you play PTCGO? If you, my name is aetherweb (all lower case)

I’m calling it a night, but I’d love to play in the future. Unless I have a ton of homework, I’m usually free around 4-10 pm CST.

What is CST? 8 dfsdfto go.huygku

No problem, just pm me or whatever :smile:

CST stands for Central Standard Time.

Central Standard Time

Just to be clear, its a time investment and redeeming (as opposed to making) part of your investment if you are buying any real life TCG product first hand. :wink: I may not have the most robust of card pools, but if you stick with it for several months you should be able to build at least a few competitive decks.

The wording made me worry you thought you had to buy it… or do you have to on certain platforms? I’m just playing on a Windows based desktop.

It’s a free Download, of course you have to buy the cards or put work into the cards to get what you need…

Let me be clear; I have spent no money on the PTCG since before the PTCGO came out. I’ve slowly amassed a solid cardpool, able to build decks like Landorus-EX/Crobat through in game resources and trading.

I main a aromatisse deck so on weekends I can help you test against it

I’ve got the following decks to play against:

  • Night March / Flareon
  • Toad Garb
  • Toad Puff
  • Yveltal / Darkrai / Garb
  • Yveltal / Hard Charm
  • Sharpedo / Hydregion
  • Bronzong / Dialga
  • Bronzong / M Aggron
  • Medicham / Groudon

My handle on TCGO is “piercove” if you or anyone wants to hit me up. I’m usually on late night in the Eastern Time Zone (EST). Obviously, I play a lot of TCGO :wink:

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I can help you with Toad Garb. I can also play you with the following:

M Aggron
Manectric/Head Ringers
Mega Gardevoir

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I will be on TCGO tonight (03/13/2015) - 10 PM EST - 1 AM EST - if anyone wants to play. My handle is “piercove” as mentioned above. I have a local tourney tomorrow that I’m still torn between two decks and their variants to play.

I’ll be on. Just PM me in game. I’ll send a Friend request soon. IGN is same as on here.

I just got into playing PTCGO and I built Yveltal-Seismitoad real easily. Handle is the same as the one here:

I’ve meant to be playtesting with all you guys who offered, but things suddenly popped up in my life that have to be done ASAP. After this coming wednesday, I should be available.

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