"Natural Selection" – Evolutions, How It Will Impact Standard, and Fairies for Fort Wayne

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I usually beat Mgardevoir STS with raikou/electrode and you can demolish MmewtwoY as long as you play mew FCO. Its nice not to have any MUs that are downright untechable, its just a question of how much you can afford to tech and what for: Yes its a lot worse than eelektrik and electrode prime; but standard is a much weaker format in general than expanded but like electrode prime we can take advantage of the free prize.

Definately a good and well structured article, nice job!

Yeah I can agree with that, the deck has a lot of potential if it can hit Electrode and keep Raikou attacking! The problem I see with the Mega Mewtwo matchup is Garbodor. Mew wouldn’t help (usually), and it would be hard to pull off Electrode. Beedrill-EX buys a turn if they can’t replay the tool.


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Just want to clarify that minccino exists and is generally better than beedrill-ex for tool removal as garb is generally a problem for 1 prize decks so beedrill-ex going down is painful: especially in electrode.
It’s just that a lot of players don’t know about it due to it having a poor evolution and being from an older set, released when its attack wasn’t as good (we had megaphone).

Usually decks with garbodor can’t one shot a beedrill without some set up or work required whereas they can easily ko minccino without much work and then beedril can get back to the bench ready to be reused when necessary

Generally they are a gimmicky way to out garb and raikou + lysandre is just a lot easier and more reliable and doesn’t hurt consistency or tech slots in your deck in other MUs. I feel like they are mainly for use in greninja decks (or maybe yanmega).