Nationals Questions


US or Canada nats? Which one?


US nats. Canadian nats is COMPLETELY different.


This will not be known for sure until we know how many people show up and how many rounds their are.


Since the institution of the Day 2 Swiss model, it’s been 9+6/9+5/9+T8. Attendance to have 9+5 in Seniors has existed since at least '09. Probably a safe assumption if there’s ever been one.

Juniors, though, is where we can hope for more.


Juniors have been 8+T8 every time I’ve gone (since 2013).


Actually, 2013 was a Top 32. That was before the removal of cuts larger than 8.


Ooooops forgot about that.


Is there Pre-Reg? If there is what’s the site?


Online Registration—not pre-reg, as it’s mandatory—should become available within the next couple of weeks. Currently nothing.


any idea when we should be there for check-in?


Early. Very early I would assume.


We don’t know yet, but I’d make a guess at 4-6 on Thursday if history’s any guide.

Hard to say, though.


Will there be a chance to check in the morning of the event?


Please note that you do not know this for sure. Last year was the first year that this was the case for anyone, and even then there were some people who were able to get in Friday AM because they pursued the proper channels ahead of time. We don’t even know if there is Thursday check-in yet.

@Collin428: the post quoted is not necessarily true. Send a support ticket to We’re only guessing, they can tell you for sure. There are TPCi people here at Origins; if one of them shows up tomorrow for long enough I’ll try to grab an answer.


Right on cue:

So, ask Support—answer is otherwise a no.


ON the bright side, registration goes later than usual. Didn’t it end at six PM last time?


Yeah, it was 4-6 last year.


So, it sounds like you do /not/ need to be at the 4-8 Thursday timeframe to play in the TCG event. As long as your name is on the Registered Player list (see the Registration page), check-in is only to pick up your product this year. That can be done, reportedly, at a later point in the weekend if necessary. This will, apparently, be reflected on official schedule pages shortly.


For CANADIAN Nationals:

Does anyone know how many people there were last year in seniors?

All I know is that 4-1-1 was cutoff with nobody bubbling:


so if I have registered already I don’t need to check in from 4-8 I can check in the day of?