Nationals Questions

This is my first year playing pokemon competitively, and I’m not sure who gets free flights to nats. I think I am going to top 64 in the U.S.A. when nationals stitpends are given out, and I just got 2nd place at MA regionals. Would top 64 get a free flight to nats? Also, if I wanted to spend fourth of July doing something not pokemon, could I get a free flight to Canada Nats instead of U.S.? If so, would my first and second round buy count there?

You can only go to the nationals of your resident country.

Not sure on stipends, but top 64 gives you a good amount of money for sure ONLY I you show up.

Are you sure? I thought the rule was only “ONE ATTENDANCE”, meaning that I thought you could attend any country’s but only one nationals.

A. For TCG, you can only attend the National of your residence. Period. VGC is different, which is probably the root of your confusion.

B. Should travel stipends exist, past precedent suggests Top 64 will be between $500-$750. You will not get a flight at Top 64, that’s 100%.

C. No guarantee that stipends exist.


Will check in be on Thursday if so will check in go on for a while?

Check in is Thursday afternoon. And there will be a loooooong line. Try to find some friends you can stand with cuz its gonna be a while.

I was under the impression they gave out stipends another way, but I suppose not. When you check in for registration do they verify the stipend information and give you a check on the spot then?

Do you know how long this will last. I’m leaving at 1 and its around a 6 and a half hour ride. do you know if its open for a long time?

Every year it has been from 4-6PM. I wouldn’t be totally surprised if things change this year now that we have to manage Pokken and a new venue, but historically speaking, that’s the expectation. I’d expect more info any day, though.[quote=“Ghazernado, post:7, topic:8747”]
I was under the impression they gave out stipends another way, but I suppose not. When you check in for registration do they verify the stipend information and give you a check on the spot then?

If there are stipends, they are mailed in the form of a check about 4-6 weeks after the event. They used to give out Visa cards on site, but then someone realized that was a bit of a security issue. And then one year they gave them in CAD…yeahh…

However, in order to be eligible to receive the stipend, you must attend the event.

At that rate you will get there after check in. Which means I you want to compete, you have to ask Dave Schwimmer and when we had to do that for our cousin, he got a R1 loss and basically 0.00% resistance for the whole tournament. Not fun. So you will need to leave WAY earlier.

I can confirm that you do not receive a stipend if you do not attend, as I earned one last year but couldn’t make it (it wasn’t enough to cover the trip, and i didn’t have a shot at NA top 16).

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Question is there anyway to register for Nats on Friday morning typically, or is it Thursday exclusively?

If (once they’re formally announced/we know it’s Thursday) you absolutely cannot make the Thursday hours, you’ll want to send a support ticket at and plead your case.

Thanks for the response! I am trying to decide whether or not to go to nats atm (I have heard from everyone its a lot of fun but the timing of registration on Thursday kind of makes it a bit awkward for me). I’ll probably send a ticket to the support site immediately after they release more nats info. Has anyone sent in info a couple of weeks before and not gotten a round 1 loss? (since yea like Jirachi123 said, a round 1 loss and having no resistance kind of stinks)

Don’t they have online preregistration? What’s the point of preregistering and paying online if you still have to show up on Thursday just to stand in line regardless?

Saves time and for security reasons.

Saves time:
A. Prevents the need for a full-blown registration process on Thursday evening. Those who have been around awhile will know that this was miserable.
B. No need to manually check for the Play! Point requirement. This, too, was a horrible experience and made check-in easily last an extra hour-hour and a half the first year it was done.
C. If you wanted to abolish check-in altogether, the problem then is reconciling no-shows before Round 1. You’d be surprised how many people pay but still don’t show up.

Security: Collecting payment onsite is a huge security risk (there’s a good 40-50k in cash floating around there).

If memory serves, at least one person was able to secure his place without a loss on-time by getting in touch with the right people. Just know that if such an option exists, it’ll probably require you to be on-site somewhere around 7am.

Nor sure if I’m intruding on this thread, but I have a Nats question of my own: In seniors, generally what record do you need to have to make Day 2? I’ve been told it’s nine rounds, so a record like 6-1-2 might be necessary, but I’d like to be sure. Is there some sort of match point threshold you need to cross? Also, more importantly, has anyone found a registration link?:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

6-2-1 was the bubble. that or better makes it in, but some will bubble.

Doesn’t exist yet. When it does happen, it will likely require the use of your Trainer Club account—so if anyone is having issues with that account’s configuration, you should get in touch with now about correcting any name/Player ID/DoB issues.

6-2-1 is not safe without byes you’re speaking to the 2015 33rd place at nts